Saturday, 18 July 2015

A Careful Peep At OAU NASU And School Management

By Emmanuel Kayode

Under the big banner of my personal nefelibata as I would love to put it, I would love to make a peep beyond the common rain that is pelting which has sent many back inside their various houses. Although there are others with me here with some cover of different looks covering
their heads to see the real intentions behind the rain that keeps roaring this mean on OAU ground.
The federal government is the rain cloud, NASU is the rain that pelts persistently now - pattering the face of the OAU ground bigly the ways it feels like and the ground that entertakes the rain is the OAU administration and or ASUU by extension. The students, they seem to never have existed at all afore in the drama but they are bearing much of the brunt somehow. The blows exchanged twixt the nada visible bodies take better surfaces on the faces of the students whether they
know it now or not.  Therefore, should Nasu keep on with all this, the school administration has the ground to gulp all their efforts very fine without a titch bruise on their fine faces but the students have no much or such bases. We have students that have just resumed that have not gone far with their outlines, some are in their final session andn for the fact that no one wants to spend all their tiny times in the world in some varsity, they want to finish and go practise in the real world; it disheartens when 4 sessions when calculated in the end turns out to be 6 or 5, 7 because of strikes, necessary and unnecessary ones.
There are out-going students whose results have not been released till date, how would they make their ways out to meet the requirements for NYSC program that is kind of mandatory in this state. I spoke with an alumna who is not a full one yet, a law student, he said what is delaying them - law students, now is some results that have not yet been released. I do not think releasing them will be easy now when things are not functioning fine even when it was, it was not so what do you expect? Students bear the pains too not just the Nasu staffs, if not the bigger cut of it. Yes, am much concerned about the students, I would not be if they are not the future of tomorrow. If things keep on going this manner over and over then where on earth is there future we bloviate about? Under this umbrella of mine in the heavy rain that keeps getting mean further and further I would love to use the lib I have earned under the constitution of this country to divulge the resolves I have garnered having a deep peep behind the mean pitter-pattering rain happening this mean: Nasu need there allowances and need it now because they have been hoodwinked by the federal Government and the school administration or management this far, the Vice Chancellor is beginning his long term leave soon which will be sequelled with the incoming of a new one sooner this season or in the next and if they
are not answered receiving it in the future might be hard to experience, majority of them leave on loan and it is this allowance thing they receive that usually help them up when the salary has been cut to few thousands of naira, the believe the school has the money but that it has been bagged into some privy account and lastly, it is going about in the disguise perhaps of rumour that the money was
hauled into one of the accounts of one of the big heads at the senate. The rain now is becoming much more angrier in the face and my umbrella has all ready lost its stance, lest I pretend to further having more peep at the powering force behind this ceaseless rain, that irked-up thunder approaching does its tearing thing by having me turn to naught.

There goes an ana that, '' big beasts no matter how tactical and crazy they dance vying, should they hold down the snail that always move on its lahar next to their cold noses and not lose their tails''. The school management has called back students to resume halls of residence on the 21st July. NASU said "we have not started anything, we are just beginning". Students are sore-confused.
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