Sunday, 12 July 2015

‘Come To Our Aid Great Ife Students’ –AY SUG

By Adetula David

The Financial Secretary of the Obafemi Awolowo University Students’ Union, Olajide Gabriel Ayodeji a.k.a AY SUG has called on Great Ife students to swiftly come to the rescue of the Union following the failure of the outgone leaders to transfer the account of the Union to the current leadership.

Following the breakdown of the second handing over event which was facilitated by probe committee, the SU financial secretary could not hide his feelings as he expressed frustration over the non-successful transfer of the Union account all these while. AY SUG who spoke with our correspondent yesterday believes the former SU president, Ibikunle Motunrayo and the former Financial Secretary, Awoyemi Omolayo Sogo a.k.a Comrade Oye have committed an aberration by not honouring the invitation of the Probe Committee to yesterday’s event.

“They told me that the handing over will start by 12:00 o’ clock today. I have been here since 12, I have not seen anything of handing over here. The last time we met with Oye, Oye told us he will be available here today where we are going to facilitate the handing over.

“I want justice to be done on this... Please tell Great Ife students to please come to our aid. As you can see, anytime the issue of handing over is coming up, this type of pandemonium occurs.
“This account of a thing does not belong to nobody. There is nothing like the office of the former President and former Financial Secretary. This account is not supposed to be with them.

“I am imploring all Great Ife students, parliamentarians, HEC members and all CEC members to come to our aid to bring back the Union account.

Obviously looking at no diplomatic way forward on this matter, we asked AY SUG if he could suggest a solution to the whole handing over menance on ground, AY SUG has this to say; “Before this Probe Committee ish and all these handing over processes, I have somehow proferred a solution, I went to meet Oye and Ibikunle in Lagos for the handing over process. I think everything seems to be abortive on this but so far, I have reported the case to the congress of Great Ife students because I don’t know what to do again. So, the Great Ife students have set up a probe committee and it is left to the probe committee to do something about it”

It will be recalled that the first handing over facilitated by the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) which had majority of the previous SU Central Executive Council members present was boycotted by the new Union leadership on the excuse that the probe committee is the one in charge of such meeting and should be facilitated by the committee.
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