Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Crisis Rocks EPSA OAU As Part Three Students Boycott Election

By Durodola Abiola

The association body for students of urban and Regional Planning students in OAU, Environmental Planning Students Association (EPSA) is rocked with crisis over the eligibility of a candidate vying for the post of Vice president.

The department witnessed a shock move by some students of the department who are in their third year as they vowed not to vote and boycott the election that was held on Tuesday, July 7, 2015. There has been lots of argument in the department among students over the eligibility of a Vice Presidential aspirant. Some are of the opinion that anyone from the Part 2 constituency is eligible. However, the students who boycotted the election claim the post of the Vice President for the association should only be open to a part 3 or a part 5 student.

OAU Peeps News Agency reliably gathered that the aggrieved students including contestants among them decided not to participate in the election which eventually held and result has been released since its conclusion. The aggrieved students claim that the Electoral Committee members are been biased in their dealings throughout the electoral processes. While speaking with one of the students on the condition of anonymity, he said the electoral chairperson turned herself into a tyrant, imposing different rules which are not constitutional. He further opined that his classmates are fighting for what is right and will not accept the outcome of the election.
Another student in the class threatened that the entire Part 3 class will not participate in the departmental activities organized by the elected executives even if the election results are accepted by other levels. One of the class representatives also alleged the electoral chairperson to have left her duties and go on to inciting some students to purchase nomination form for various posts.

We further gathered that the issue has degenerated to a show off between the Part 3 Constituency members and those in other constituencies of the department. There are reports however that there is an ongoing peace talk that is involving the president-elect and some other lecturers in the department to ensure the stability of EPSA. All efforts to reach the electoral chairperson has been futile due to ongoing NASU crisis on campus.‎
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