Tuesday, 21 July 2015

LIVE UPDATES: Management-NASU Face-off

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03:48pm: Congress ends... Resolutions shortly!

03:35pm: NASU congress finally resumes...

03:25pm: "We understand the welfare of our students and that is why there is power and water supplies in their hostels. They are our children." -NASU Chairman

03:19pm: "Management leaves allowance encompassing everybody and paying one Responsibility allowance meant for only principal officers" -NASU Chairman

03:12pm: The congress yet to resume proper but a radio programme featuring NASU chairman explaing situation is been aired now at Motion Ground.

02:19pm: NASU Congress yet to reconvene but members are coming back to Motion Ground.

The submissions offered so far by members before going for break points to the indication that they are not ready to settle for less. Members admonished themselves to be strong and not weary. The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) was there to cover the Congress at the level of Motion Ground. Our correspondent from the main gate reported that the University PRO, Mr Biodun Olanrewaju was there and he told us that the actions of the NASU were not warranted. Congress to resume by 1:00pm. Stay tuned!

11:17am: Congress embarks on a break. To reconvene by 1pm for the chairman's position following several submissions from members.

10:41am: A lot of differently coloured police officers are still at the school gate. Many will think they actually withdraw them all from the Boko Haram war field just for this face-off. All hands on deck while some folded on chest as we await NASU’s action(s) after their ongoing congress.

10:23am: NASU congress still ongoing. Members sing revolutionary songs. Vehicular movement is not disrupted.

09:58am: Chairman of the NASU, Comrade Odewumi confirms that the Presidency is now aware of the crisis. He admonished members to be united. He said they are still making their some findings at the moment.

09:39am: NASU Congress finally starts with opening prayers.

09:20am: The men of the Police Force gear up for eventuality as they barricade the exit to the express road (the one leading to Ibadan express road from gate after the Oshogbo road) and also sing their revolutionary songs. Over 200 NASU members are at Motion Ground. Congress should start any moment from now.

08:50am: For now the gate is still wide open. Some buses are still moving in. NASU members still gathering at Motion Ground and Sports Centre.

08:29am: NASU members gathering at the motion ground to begin their congress anytime from now. Police officers takes over the university main gate.

08:18am: Some students who purportedly have a test this morning said it was cancelled.

7:50am: The NASU members are expected to hold a congress by 8:00am to determine the fate of their struggle.

7:30am: Movement of vehicles are not hindered as they move in and out freely.

7:00am: The military men are at the school gate ready to cordon off possible blockade. There are 3 Armoured Personnel Carriers and numerous Vans.

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Good day Great Ife community, OAU Peeps News Agency brings to you the current situation as it stands now in Obafemin Awolowo University on the face-off between the University management and the NASU.
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