Thursday, 16 July 2015

Male Presence At Alumni Hall During Odd Hour Stirs Controversy

By Dosunmu Deborah

The peace and serenity of yesterday's night was disrupted as a shouting match ensued between two girls who both reside in Block 3 of Alumni Hall. A disgruntled lady was heard chanting the slogan 'Alumni Queens, come out!' at about some minutes past 10:00pm.

The lady (name withheld) said she heard a male voice from the next room at an odd hour which was not supposed to be and she reported to the hall chairperson.

This morning, the lady who reported the matter and the hall chairperson claimed that the accused lady was being rude which the accused denied after all. The accused girl claimed she already admitted her fault but the other girl raised her voice which she did not feel comfortable with. 'I admit that I was wrong but the guy was already leaving. I was looking for a jacket to wear so I could see him off. That was why he was here at 10:02pm." the accused narrated.

As at the time of filing this report, the hall security man (on morning duty) has intervened. He advised them to be well behaved because males were not supposed to be in the hostel by that said hour. He said their major responsibility there was for their security.

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