Monday, 20 July 2015

NASU Strike: OAU Students Advised To Delay Resumption

Students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife have been advised by her Students' Union to observe the outcome of Tuesday and Wednesday's face-off between the University Management and the NASU before resuming back to campus.

In a Release signed by the President and the Public Relations Officer of the Union, Akande Omotayo a.k.a TY and Ojedokun Emmanuel a.k.a Immanuel Kant respectively, the Union stated reasons why it is imperative for students of the institution need not rush to resume from their mid-semester break. The Release however did not state what position the Union will take on already fixed tests and practical sessions for the two days since the University Management has announced Tuesday 21st July for resumption.

Below is a copy of the Release:


While the University management has the prerogative as the constituted authority to decide on closure, breaks and resumption, the smooth running of an ivory tower is dependent on the collaborative effort of all the component stakeholders. Our University stakeholders include the Principal Officers (the University authorities), Academic staffs, Non Academic Staffs and the students (the major stakeholders), the contribution of any of the afore-mentioned cannot be undermined.

The University management issued a circular dated 16th July, 2015 announcing the resumption of students from the Mid-semester break. NASU, in its release dated 17th July 2015 assert the continuation of its industrial action against the non-payment of their 64 month earned allowances and promised to entrench practical actions in the event that their strike is not called off on Tuesday. This was corroborated in the crucial meeting between the leadership of NASU and Students' Union earlier today. In the eventuality that the NASU strike is not called-off on/before Tuesday. The leadership of the Union on the following grounds;

  1. That the continued industrial action might ground vehicular movement, thus, making it strenuous for our students coming from different parts of the nation with their bags and baggage's conveying themselves from campus gate to their various halls of residence.
  2. That the likelihood of a physical confrontation between NASU, Students, State Security and the University authority should not put our students to become victims of seen and unforeseen circumstances.
  3. That prior to the announcement of resumption the main cause of giving a mid-semester break (NASU Strike) has not been addressed.
  4. That the continuation of NASU strike is likely to prevent the full operation of the health Centre, and jettison academic and environmental welfare condition.

The Students' Union hereby ADVISES that students should stay back at home, to observe the outcome of Tuesday and Wednesday's Nasu/Management face-off.
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