Wednesday, 8 July 2015

OAU Students Insist On Going Home As Congress Agrees On Lecture Boycott

Many students of Obafemi Awolowo University have said they can no longer withstand the hardship they have been subjected to for the past three (3) days due to the demonstrations of the Non Academic Staff Union, NASU over their unpaid allowances.

The congress of students was conveyed yesterday to take positions on some Union matters which include the NASU protests. Just as the Students' Union president stated that particular agendum concerning the campus situation, the students echoed that they want to go home in a popular students' protest slogan. 'a o lole wa ni o a o a, a o lole wa ni o' (we will go to our houses, we will go to our houses). The Union president, Akande Omotayo a.k.a TY who felt reluctant in succumbing to that demand stated that submissions will be taken to decide the SU stand. In TY's personal submission, he felt the students should embark on lecture boycott instead of the initial demand of going home.

After several submissions were taken, the president posited and announced that a congressional resolution of lecture boycott has been agreed to solidarize with NASU.

In the mean time, power and water supplies have ceased totally for more than 24 hours. This has forced some students to resolve to stream water to meet some of their primary needs.

Some students who spoke with our correspondents however have dissenting opinions ranging from total school closure to negotiation with NASU.

"Why should we still stay on campus? No light, no water, health centre closed, library closed, no lecture, banks closed, gate closed and yet, the Union want us to stay with NASU. As I speak to you, I have not taken my bath since morning because there is no water. It is not normal at all" Biodun, a Fajuyian lamented.

In a slight different opinion, one Tolu feels the Union should negotiate with NASU to restore power and water supplies.

NASU protest will enter its fifth day if it should continue tomorrow.

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