Sunday, 12 July 2015

Second Hand Over Meeting Breaks Down

By Adetula David

What many observers of the Union politics has termed ‘do me, I do you’ played out yesterday at the level of Awolowo hall cafe as the outgone Students’ Union leadership led by Ibikunle failed to turn up for the hand over meeting organized by the probe committee.

The handing over was billed for 12:00pm on Saturday, July 11 and out of the previous nine (9) Central Executive Council members, only the former Secretary General, Shittu Omotayo a.k.a SI Unit was on ground to answer questions as to why his colleagues have refused to honour the invitation given to them. SI Unit said the reason why the other former executives were not around was because no invitation was sent to them by the current Union leadership to come for handing over.

“I am still a student of this campus; the executives themselves should contact me, not probe committee. That is why sometimes when they approach me, I tell them I don’t have business with you and I must be frank with you, I don’t have business with probe committee because their duty is to investigate and not to hand over to” SI Unit said.
SI Unit further said that the students know the politics that played out at the level of the congress when the probe committee was constituted because the congress belongs to the president of the Union. He said if any committee should even come on board, it is a transition committee and not a probe committee.

The probe committee has however expressed surprise over the absence of the previous Union leadership in the meeting because according to the committee PRO, Triple A, invitations were sent to concerned parties including the previous president and financial secretary about 72 hours before the meeting.

Also commenting on the issue, the Students’ Union president, Akande Omotayo a.k.a TY ruled out the possibility of him going against the congressional resolution reached before now to meet directly with the previous Union leaders as they have requested and not through any probe committee. The financial secretary of the Union, AY SUG also expressed worries over the conduct of the previous excos and called on Great Ife students to come to their rescue.

It will be recalled that the first handing over facilitated by the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) which had majority of the previous SU Central Executive Council members present was boycotted by the new Union leadership on the excuse that the probe committee is the one in charge of such meeting and should be facilitated by the committee.
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