Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Suspected Thief Caught In Awo Hall During Midnight

By Durodola Abiola

It was during the odd hours of the day when everyone wss asleep that an alleged thief got nabbed at the popular Anglo-Moz car park after he has been pursued by some conscious residents of Awolowo hall.

The alleged thief was said to have entered a room in Awolowo hall, precisely block 2, room 103 where everywhere was dark due to the power blackout and almost all the room members were asleep. According to an account, his attempt was quickly noticed as a member of room who was not in a deep woke up to notice someone dragging his phone with him.
On noticing that the owner of the phone was awake, the suspect fled. The phone owner reportedly gave him a hot chase as the alleged thief fled through Awo Annex. The owner kept on shout of Ole, Ole, Ole (Thief, Thief, Thief) so as to keep other students aware of the person been chased until he was eventually caught.

After the alleged thief was caught, the case was reported to the Students’ Union and the Public Relations Officer of the Union, Immanuel Kant requested the alleged thief be moved to Awo café where he was moderated. After a long time of questioning and interrogation, he was searched and in his possession were nine (9) SIM cards and two memory cards. He was eventually moved to the Student Union Building where his case will be treated so as to allow for further investigation.

In the course of interrogation at the level of Awo café, the suspect has confessed to be a non-student and he currently stays in PG Hall. According to him, he only came to Awolowo hall to use the toilet.
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