Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Pathway to Academic Success - Segabio

 "The shortest way home is not always the quickest"
For real there is no shortcut to success,diligence and hardwork is the path that lead to
success.  Great height that great men attained is not as a result of sudden flight but they kept climbing when others are asleep.You labour in the "closet" and receive the reward in the "open".
 "Behold a man who is diligent in his work will stand before kings and
note mere men".
 However,challenges are inevitable in the path to success, don't be discouraged, never give up.
  Greatness or success' story is not complete without extreme sacrifice. When some people waste time on frivolities,try as much as possible to remain focused."Not slotful in business,fervent in spirit
and serving the Lord". One-time best graduating student shared his experience on campus.There was no power supply a day prior to the day he had one important examination.He made use of the street light near his hostel to read while some lazy students slept off.
 Conclusively,sacrifices are not easy to make but then,when made are
rewarding.Make a decision today!
Segabio is an upcoming writer and a new member of OAU Peeps News Agency.
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