Sunday, 30 August 2015

Dues - Pope Jay

Due to the jealous nature of my faculty, one of the few chances of adventure I get is my daily ride to and from campus. I reside in an area near the school gate and therefore have to board the popular “Town Gboro” buses to get to campus. Most times, my adventures are quite simple and dull but on some other occasions, an incident or the other helps lighten up my boring adventure: Fights and quarrels over fares at bus stops, the sonorous “enter with your change” song the drivers sing, and others are some examples of these incidents. Last week, I got to experience another form of entertainment in the course of my boring adventure.

 On my way back to town, I boarded a bus with some law students (who are always not so hard to recognize) and from the bus stop to the campus gate, they kept on lamenting and arguing. The topic of their very loud discussion was a very interesting one: From their arguments, I could infer that they were 400 level students and had a test the next day. But it seemed that the lecturer handling the course had made it a criterion that they paid their Law Students Societal dues before they could write the test. As expected the students were not quite in agreement with the criterion, in fact throughout the journey they continued to decry the act, regarding it as “extortion” and in fact, at a point, they began to sound like human rights activists. I was also able to learn from their talks that the due was five hundred naira. One of the bases of their refusal to pay the dues was that past administrations had not done anything with the dues they had paid in times past. This was not the first time I was hearing these kinds of talk. In fact, I had heard them times without number from different students from different departments but at that point, I realized the resultant effect. 

    I belong to the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students (PANS), OAU and one of the plenty arguments I have had as a member of the association is that your dues do not make you a PANSite, Admission and Matriculation does. It is then your obligation as a member of PANS to pay your membership dues. I believe this applies in most association within and even beyond OAU. For instance, your qualifications get you a job but it is the your moral and civic duty as a worker of the state to pay your tax.
 However, due to the level of corruption, incompetency and even the economical degradation in society today, majority do not feel obliged to fulfill their financial responsibility. A friend of mine in a very populous department in the faculty of arts narrated to me how the executives in his department embezzled association funds and I was scared for tomorrow. However, we cannot decide to behead the man in a bid to cure his headache. Rather than decide to punish the present for the mistakes of the past, we should continue to hope that today would lead to a better tomorrow because when the eyes refuse to see, the whole body is blind and when the legs refuse to walk, the whole body is immobile. As a member of an association, society etc. we are part of a body and the body needs us to do our part.
 To the executives whose manifestoes are delayed because of the refusal of members to pay dues, please chill; Aregbe no pay salary! To the executives whose members paid dues and their money was miraculously no longer visible, I hope ‘Amadioha’s’ son is in your association! To the members who think their executives might be doing something shady, CONGRESS! CONGRESS!! CONGRESS!!! And lastly to the members, who have not paid their dues because they have lost that obligation, please pay your due. It helps you in the raising of your shoulders when contributing to matters concerning the association, I think some people call it Pride.

Pope Jay         

College Of Health Sciences Releases 2015/2016 Admission Cut-off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency can confirm to you authentically that the cut-off marks for departments in the College of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University for 2015/2016 admissions have been released.

Merit - 287
Osun - 286.5
Ogun - 286.5
Oyo - 286.5
Ondo - 286.5
Ekiti - 286.5
Lagos - 286.5
ELDS - 281
First and Second Choice – 82.1

Merit - 256
Osun - 253.5
Ogun -253.5
Oyo - 253.5
Ondo - 253.5
Ekiti - 253.5
Lagos - 253.5
ELDS - 250
First Choice -74.3
Second Choice –76.6

Merit - 270
Osun - 264.5
Ogun -265
Oyo - 264.5
Ondo – 268.5
Ekiti – 264.5
Lagos - 264.5
ELDS - 252
First Choice -79.8
Second Choice –80.5

Merit – 254.5
Osun - 252
Ogun -252
Oyo - 254
Ondo - 252
Ekiti - 253
Lagos - 252
ELDS - 250
First Choice -73.6
Second Choice –79.7

See Cut-off Marks for Other Faculties Below;
Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty Of Social Sciences Releases 2015/2016 Admission Cut-off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency can confirm to you authentically that the cut-off marks for departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University for 2015/2016 admissions have been released.

Merit – 208.5
Osun - 208.5
Ogun -208.5
Oyo - 208.5
Ondo – 208.5
Ekiti – 208.5
Lagos - 208.5
ELDS – 208.5

Merit - 272
Osun - 270.5
Ogun -260
Oyo - 266
Ondo - 264
Ekiti - 260
Lagos - 249
ELDS – 250

Merit - 213
Osun - 213
Ogun -213
Oyo - 213
Ondo - 213
Ekiti - 213
Lagos - 213
ELDS – 213

Merit - 236.5
Osun - 235
Ogun -226
Oyo - 233
Ondo - 226
Ekiti – 228.5
Lagos - 226
ELDS – 200

Merit - 237
Osun - 225
Ogun -228.5
Oyo - 223
Ondo - 229
Ekiti – 213.5
Lagos - 223.5
ELDS – 202

Merit - 236
Osun - 235
Ogun -230
Oyo - 211
Ondo - 233
Ekiti – 236
Lagos - 236
ELDS - 202

See Cut-off Marks for Other Faculties Below;
Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Technology
College of Health Sciences

Autonomous Spending Will Cease After Budget Passage -OAU Students’ Union

By Adetula David

The Students’ Union leadership has today shed more light on the ‘autonomous spending’ that was approved for the Union Central Executive Council (CEC) by the Congress of Obafemi Awolowo University on Thursday, 27th August, 2015.

Clarifying the purpose and reason why the autonomous spending is necessary, the President of the Union, Akande Omotayo a.k.a TY said the Union has been financed by money from personal purses of the Union officers since their budgets have not been passed. The president said that the autonomy does not mean they can spend money the way they like. He said the autonomy will be on spending on things that are exigent and cannot wait till the budget passage.

TY However asserted that the approved autonomous spending will cease immediately the budgets for the various offices of the Central Executive Council (CEC) have been approved by the parliament. The President further revealed that the bureaucracy attached to approval of Union’s money before budget passage necessitated the autonomous spending’ approval.

“The Budget and Finance committee members want us to call them before we spend any money which I feel is not right. The inability of the budget to have been passed cannot be blamed on either the CEC or the parliament. The NASU break added to the whole delay.” the president said.

In reaction to the autonomous spending approved by the congress, the Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, Abayomi Samuel a.k.a Hon. Jas has taken to the social media to say that there is nothing like autonomous spending in the Students’ Union Constitution.

“There is nothing like autonomous spending in our constitution and the Congress cannot deliberate on matters of appropriation of funds, because a congress cannot ratify a budget and as at today, we don’t have a ratified budget which is beyond the control of the Budget and Finance Committee”

Faculty Of Administration Releases 2015/2016 Admission Cut-off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency can confirm to you authentically that the cut-off marks for departments in the Faculty of Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University for 2015/2016 admissions have been released.

Merit – 262
Oyo – 255
Osun – 258.5
Ekiti – 253
Ondo – 258
Ogun – 254.5
Lagos – 248
ELDS (Kwara) – 255
ELDS (Benue) –246.5
ELDS (Kogi) – 245.5
ELDS (Rivers) – 243
ELDS (Adamawa) – 240

Merit – 235
Oyo – 224.5
Osun – 231.5
Ekiti – 215
Ondo – 230
Ogun – 229.5
Lagos – 210.5
ELDS (Cross River) – 234.5
ELDS (Bayelsa) – 232.5
ELDS (Kwara) – 228
ELDS (Benue) – 226

Merit – 236.5
Oyo – 223
Osun – 232
Ekiti – 201.5
Ondo – 212.5
Ogun – 219.5
Lagos – 216
ELDS (Kwara) – 222

Merit – 202
Oyo – 202
Osun – 202
Ekiti – 202
Ondo – 202
Ogun – 202
Lagos – 202

See Cut-off Marks for Other Faculties Below;
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Technology
College of Health Sciences

Faculty Of Arts Releases 2015/2016 Admission Cut-off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency can confirm to you authentically that the cut-off marks for departments in the Faculty of Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University for 2015/2016 admissions have been released.

Merit – 256
Lagos – 229
Oyo – 251
Ondo – 242
Ogun – 242
Osun – 252
Ekiti – 242
ELDS – 220

Merit – 246
Lagos – 206
Oyo – 209
Ondo – 206
Ogun – 234
Osun – 240
Ekiti – 221
ELDS – 206

Merit – 211
Lagos – 211
Oyo – 211
Ondo – 211
Ogun – 211
Osun – 211
Ekiti – 211
ELDS – 211

Merit – 256
Lagos – 242
Oyo – 244
Ondo – 246
Ogun – 236
Osun – 250
Ekiti – 241
ELDS – 219

Merit – 203
Lagos – 203
Oyo – 203
Ondo – 203
Ogun – 203
Osun – 203
Ekiti – 203
ELDS – 203

Merit – 244
Lagos – 204
Oyo – 232
Ondo – 223
Ogun – 228
Osun – 229
Ekiti – 221
ELDS – 216

Merit – 206
Lagos – 206
Oyo – 206
Ondo – 206
Ogun – 206
Osun – 206
Ekiti – 206
ELDS – 206

Merit – 250
Lagos – 203
Oyo – 243
Ondo – 237
Ogun – 238
Osun – 248
Ekiti – 219
ELDS – 201

Merit – 207
Lagos – 207
Oyo – 207
Ondo – 207
Ogun – 207
Osun – 207
Ekiti – 207
ELDS – 207

Merit – 206
Lagos – 206
Oyo – 206
Ondo –206
Ogun – 206
Osun – 206
Ekiti – 206
ELDS – 206

Merit – 211
Lagos – 211
Oyo – 211
Ondo – 211
Ogun – 211
Osun – 211
Ekiti – 211
ELDS – 211

Merit – 222
Lagos – 222
Oyo – 222
Ondo – 222
Ogun – 222
Osun – 222
Ekiti – 222
ELDS – 222

See Cut-off Marks for Other Faculties Below;
Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Technology
College of Health Sciences

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Michael Remains Head Of Ad-hoc Security Committee –TY

The president of the Great Ife Students’ Union, Akande Omotayo a.k.a. TY has confirmed to journalists today during a press conference at the Students’ Union Building (SUB) that Michael remains the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the yet to be ratified Security Committee of the students’ Union.

TY confirmed his reinstatement following his sack by the SU Vice President who was the acting president during the period of two (2) weeks while the SU president was suspended. He said the reason he cannot continue to work with the appointed CSO, Seyi is because he does not know him to the extent of trusting him.

“The Security Committee is a face of the Students’ Union and people bring cases here every time and I cannot use someone I don’t know as CSO.

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“I need somebody I can trust. I am not saying Mr Seyi cannot be trusted but I don’t know him up to the level of trusting him as the CSO” TY revealed.

Michael who has now been reinstated back as the ad-hoc Security Committee head was fired immediately TY was suspended by the Vice President; Oprah stated then that her action was necessary because Michael never accorded her office as Vice President, hence, she needed someone she can work with very well.

The Vice President however corroborated the President in the course of the press briefing that the whole issue between the Vice President and Michael has now been resolved and the past has been put behind them.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Fajuyi Hall Turns Gambling Den

By Adetula David

Some students of Obafemi Awolowo University and non-students have turned Adekunle Fajuyi Hall of Residence to a gambling hell.

The table tennis game facility installed at the foyer close to the Porter's lodge has now turned to a business ground where students and non students gamble with their playing prowess. According to investigation carried out, some non-students including some of the barbers that work in Fajuyi Hall who can play the table tennis game have even infiltrated the Hall to earn from the gamble.

Those involved in this gamble sometimes bet with money worth N1,000, N2,000, N3,000 and even more. Infact, some of these gamblers bet with material things including their gadgets.

The act got intensified recently as students and non-students are seen almost every hour of the day at the spot to gamble in a bid to win.

The Chairman of Adekunle Fajuyi Hall, Sunnepa has however denied knowledge of the act. Sunnepa told our correspondent that the Hall's Sport Director is in charge of the table tennis and he is yet to report such to him. He however promised to look into the report in a bid to investigate it.

Faculty Of Technology Releases 2015/2016 Admission Cut-off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency can reliably confirm to you that the Faculty of Technology has released the cut off marks for admission into the eleven departments for 2015/2016 session.

Below are the courses and their cut-off marks

Merit – 216 Osun - 200 Ogun -200 Oyo - 201 Ondo - 200 Ekiti - 200 Lagos - 200 ELDS - 200

Merit – 272 Osun - 260 Ogun -267 Oyo - 266 Ondo - 270 Ekiti - 260 Lagos - 256 ELDS - 238

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Merit – 259 Osun - 257 Ogun -250 Oyo -253 Ondo - 256 Ekiti - 250 Lagos - 254 ELDS - 219

Merit – 264 Osun - 263 Ogun -254 Oyo - 258 Ondo - 261 Ekiti - 247 Lagos - 247 ELDS - 236

Merit – 259 Osun - 237 Ogun -250 Oyo - 237 Ondo - 254 Ekiti - 237 Lagos - 250 ELDS - 200

Merit – 271 Osun - 256 Ogun -256 Oyo - 259 Ondo - 256 Ekiti - 256 Lagos - 256 ELDS - 233

Merit – 268 Osun - 264 Ogun -263 Oyo - 262 Ondo - 250 Ekiti - 262 Lagos - 251 ELDS - 227

Merit – 200 Osun - 200 Ogun -200 Oyo - 200 Ondo - 200 Ekiti - 200 Lagos - 200 ELDS - 200

Merit – 227 Osun - 221 Ogun -219 Oyo - 216 Ondo - 224 Ekiti - 222 Lagos - 200 ELDS - 214

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Merit – 247 Osun - 203 Ogun -200 Oyo - 200 Ondo - 200 Ekiti - 200 Lagos - 240 ELDS - 200

Merit – 266 Osun - 259 Ogun -251 Oyo - 261 Ondo - 257 Ekiti - 259 Lagos - 241 ELDS - 240

See Cut-off Marks for Other Faculties Below;
Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Social Sciences
College of Health Sciences

Faculty Of Pharmacy Releases 2015/2016 Admission Cut-off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the 2015/2016 admission cut-off marks for the Faculty of Pharmacy, Obafemi Awolowo University. See below:

Merit - 256.5
Ekiti - 248
Lagos - 238.5
Ogun - 250
Ondo - 248
Osun - 252.5
Oyo - 249.5
ELDS - 231
Pre-Degree - 75.8

See Cut-off Marks for Other Faculties Below;
Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Technology
College of Health Sciences

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

OAU Appoints Adeyeye CDL Director

By Adetula David

Prof. Mike Adeyeye of the Department of Local Government Studies, Faculty of Administration has been appointed Director, Centre for Distance Learning, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

Adeyeye holds a B.Sc. Political Science (Ibadan), M.Sc. Local Government Studies (Ife) and Ph.D. Political Science (Ibadan), specializing in public administration and governance studies.

Prior to his present appointment, he has served as the Deputy Director, Centre for Distance Learning, OAU (2013-2015). He has also served as Head, Department of Local Government Studies (2006- 2008) and Vice-Dean, Faculty of Administration (2005-2007); and as Secretary to Obokun Local Government, Ibokun, Osun State (1991-1993); this experience afforded him the practical facet of governance and administration.

Also named the Deputy Director is Prof. Yinka Adeshina of the Department of Mathematics. Prior to Adesina's appointment, he served as the Vice Dean, Division of Student Affairs (DSA) of the institution.

Professor Yinka Adesina joined the services of the Obafemi Awolowo University as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Mathematics in 1997. He rose through the ranks to become a Professor of Mathematics in 2011. He has B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics.

Mrs Doris Ocan is the Administrative Secretary.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Life On Campus With MizDee- Privacy 2

Life On Campus With MizDee- Privacy 2

This edition is mainly to share with you what people especially Alumni Hall occupants think about ‘privacy in Alumni hall’. While I went around gathering people’s opinions concerning ‘the tying of curtains in Alumni Hall’, a few people questioned me: Is this for your research work?  Well, I am considering it as a research problem but under what discipline will that fall? (Laughs)

Here are some people’s opinion as to the tying of curtains in Alumni Hall.

    ‘I feel it has more disadvantages than advantages. Take for example, a laptop was stolen in a particular room and the roommates were around but they did not know when a non-occupant of the room probably walked in and picked the laptop because curtains were down. The only advantage I can think of is maybe a little PRIVACY. There are more disadvantages though.’
                                                                                                          -Ajibade Fadekemi, Alumni hall chairperson.

    ‘The use of curtains has more advantages. To me, it keeps out too much ray of light.’

     ‘The use of curtains help to appreciate individual differences. It also beautifies the room.’

      ‘It’s a free world.’

      ‘For people like us who are prone to cold, the curtain keeps it out.’

      ‘It makes the room look like a shrine’

      ‘It could be 50% disadvantageous and 50% advantageous but critically it is 70-30.
 ‘It’s good. For example if I’m in my corner and a guy wants to come in and I’m not well dressed, 
I can drop my curtain.’                                                                                     -Tolu

        ‘It’s the coolest thing ever.’ 

         ‘It makes the corner look homey’

          ‘It’s been the trend OAU. If there’s gonna be a change, the management has a lot to do.’

           ‘It promotes promiscuity.’
  ‘I don’t blame the people who tie curtains. Your corner is private but we should learn to
             accommodate one another.’

   Hmm, many ladies have agreed to and are enjoying Alumni’s PRIVACY. Based on the fact that, not all ladies were around and the rooms where the options were ticked, were randomly selected, we will be using frequency measurement.


Looking at the table above, a greater number of people say it has more advantages. Isaac Watts said, 

“Ten thousands things there are which we believe merely upon the authority or credit of those who have spoken or written them.”

 I feel the occupants of this hall are ‘an authority’ in the decision to support or oppose.

My opinion? Okay...I am enjoying my privacy but I think it limits interactions amidst the roommates. Oh! Before I forget, I use a curtain in my corner(Laughs).  

See you next week.

Do You Know OAU Hosts The 8th Architectural Wonder Of The World?

A recent post obvious on the OAU website ( reads "Visit the 8th Architectural wonder of the world". I was so much surprised to know Obafemi Awolowo University hosts this architectural wonder in such rank as claimed by the institution.

Looking at the structure critically, it seems to be an architectural wonder but is it really the 8th in the world?

The management of the Natural History Museum, OAU now charges N500 for individual who wishes to snap within the premises of the museum and N2,000 for group picture.

Student charges are N100 per head while that of Adult are N200 per head.

Senators, Reps Want SAN Title

Senators, House of Representatives members and members of other legislative houses in the country who are lawyers, on Monday intensified their clamour to be conferred with the prestigious rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

The clamour also covers all lawyers working in legislative houses in various capacities.

Besides claiming that they worked harder than judicial officers, the lawmakers argued that regular lawyers and other legal practitioners were not better qualified for the rank than the legislators.

The members pressed for the recognition during the inaugural meeting of “The Forum of Lawyers in the Nigerian Legislature,” held at the National Assembly in Abuja.

Convener of the forum, Senator Ita Enang, while speaking for the group, said since the lawyers in the legislature participated in passing all the laws used for legal practice in the country, they were qualified for the rank of SAN.

Enang, a former Chairman, Senate Committee on Rules and Business, stated that it was an “insult” to say somebody who made a law was not qualified to become a SAN, while another person who practised it could become one.

He said, “It is an insult not to make legislature lawyers SANs.

“They make the laws that the magistrate interprets and makes his way to the Supreme Court, yet you say that a lawmaker is not qualified to be honoured with the rank of SAN.

“The legislator is not qualified but the lawyer who practises the law passed by the legislature is qualified.

“Legislative practice is an arm of legal practice and should be recognised as such.

“It is the legislature and the legislator that know the laws more than the practitioners because they draft the laws.

“All the laws that practitioners practise and they are celebrated and honoured are passed by the legislature, but you say that same legislator is not qualified to be a SAN.”

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Yakubu Dogara, said at the session that the aim of the forum was to promote the productivity of lawyers in the legislature through capacity-building programmes.

Dogara, who is a lawyer, was represented by another member and lawyer from Abia State, Mr. Uzoma Nkem-Abonta.

He added that, “The association is to promote cooperation, networking and interaction among its members, and to develop legislative practice as an enviable area of legal practice in Nigeria.”

The speaker said having been informed that there were about 200 lawyers at the National Assembly, he was convinced that the forum should transit “to a well established association.”

Source: Punch

JAMB UTME Sales Of Form Begins August 31st

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has perfected plans to begin the 2016 sales of UTME form by August 31st, 2015.

This was made known by the board’s Head of Information, Dr Fabian Benjamin in a statement yesterday in Lagos. It was gathered that the decision of the board to make the form available now is to prepare candidates early for the 2016 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

The scratch cards will be made available from August 31st, 2015 and can be purchased from the following banks; Zenith Bank, Skye Bank and First Bank.

”The registration fee for the UTME is N5,000 and candidates are also to pay N500 to obtain the textbook, 'The Last Days at Forcados High School’.

”Candidates will, however, be issued the book at the point of registration after showing evidence of
payment,” the statement stated. Prospective candidates are advised to ensure they obtained the application forms early as well as fill their personal data correctly to avoid any mix-up.

The deadline for sales of form is January 15, 2016. While the registration website will close January 19th, 2015.

The 2016 UTME examination is expected to begin February 29 and end on March 14, 2016.

Note: The UTME will be 100% Computer Based Test (CBT).

Amended Calendar For The 2014/2015 Session (New)



Date - Events/Activities

May 17 2015 - Fresh students come into residence for 2014/2015 Harmattan semester
May 18 2015 - Online registration for courses 2014/2015 Harmattan semester commences
May 18-22, 2015 - Clearance at faculty and admission office
May 25-29, 2015   -    Orientation/ICT Training for fresh students.
May 27, 2015    -    Senate
May 31, 2015      -    Returning undergraduate resume
June 1 2015       -    Harmattan semester lectures begin
June 23 2015      - MATRICULATION
July 7 2015         -     End of normal registration for courses
July 8 2015      -     Faculty/Student Colloquium
July 6-10, 2015  -      Continuous Assessment
July 29, 2015   -      Senate
July 17, 2015    -      End of late registration with penalty
September 4, 2015 -      HARMATTAN SEMESTER lecture ends
September 7-12, 2015 -  Revision/Lecture Free week
September 14, 2015 -      Harmattan semester examinations begin
September 30, 2015 -     Senate
October 2, 2015   -      Harmattan semester examinations end.

October 3, 2015   -        Online Registration for courses for 2014/2015 Rain semester commences
October 11, 2015    -       All students come into Residence for Rain semester
October 12, 2015 -       Rain semester Lectures commence
October 29, 2015   -       Faculty colloquium
October 30, 2015     -       End of normal registration for courses
November 13, 2015  -       End of late registration with penalty
November 25, 2015 -       Senate
November 23-28, 2015 -     Continuous assessment
December 9-12 2015 -     Convocation
December 31, 2015   -     Rain semester lectures end
January 4 - 8, 2016  -    Lecture free week
January 11, 2016          -    Rain semester Examinations Begin
January 30, 2016    -    Rain semester Examinations end
February 13, 2016   -    End of 2014/2015 session
February 24, 2016      -   Senate

March 27, 2016         -   Harmattan  2015/2016 commences

Monday, 24 August 2015

FIC 2015: Gbenga Sesan, Remi Sonaiya, Tunde Kelani, Others Storm OAU

WHO WOULD YOU RATHER BE?A famous cypher or an influential mentor?

WHAT WOULD YOU RATHER DO?Strengthen your muscles or invent your future?

WHERE WOULD YOU RATHER BE?Under your cozy covers or at Future Impact Conference?

The Reflector Team presents to you theFUTURE IMPACT CONFERENCE 2015!!!

Theme: "RESHAPING NIGERIA: What Can We The Youths Do?"

Date: 5th September, 2015.
Time: 10:00 am
Venue: Oduduwa hall, OAU.

Guest Speakers

[Executive Director, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria]

[KOWA Party 2015 Presidential Candidate]

[Founder, Mainframe Productions]

[Managing Editor, Red Media Africa]

[Founder, 555 Consulting and Frontliner, #BringBackOurGirls Campaign]

Here's a life-changing experience you can't afford to miss!


Saturday, 22 August 2015

Megaphone News Agency Inducts New Members

Megaphone News Agency Inducts New Members

By Daniel Abioye

Today is another great day in Obafemi Awolowo University as new members of the Megaphone News Agency were inducted in an event themed Journalism, Campus and the Outside World’. 

The Induction ceremony that happened at AUD II had astute dignitaries in the field of Journalism and alumni of the Agency present to give talks to the inductees. Rasheed Adelusi who now works with Airtel Nigeria as a Sales Manager; The Senior Special Adviser (SSA) to the Governor of The State of Osun on Media Matters, Ademola Adesola; Punch Newspaper writer and the President of NASELS OAU, Sodiq Oyeleke; Sola Fagurosi, a graduate of the Department of Agricultural Economics, OAU who currently practice journalism and other invited guests were all present for the event.

In an opening lecture, Sodiq Oyeleke educated the inductees on the qualities of a good journalist and the peculiarity of campus journalism. He said all the commandments in the Bible and Quran must be obeyed by a journalist as they bordered on moral standard. He stated that the ability of a journalist to nose for and identify news stands such out in the profession. News was described as "something that someone somewhere does not want to read.

Rasheed Adelusi spoke at length on readiness of the student journalists to sacrifice and always strive to improve in their profession. He emphasized the need for any writer who wants to reach the peak of career in journalism to develop a reading habit.  Rasheed was once the Editor-in-Chief of Megaphone News Agency.

As students that the inductees are, Ademola Adesola told them that their new engagement should not be an excuse for any downtime in their academic performances. Ademola confessed to have got most of his todays practicing skills while he was with the Megaphone News Agency during his undergraduate days on OAU campus. He further revealed that the outside world is not the same with what operates on OAU campus as things are tougher and more real outside there. The SSA however opined that good writing skills will make and keep a journalist outstanding.

Sola Fagurosi now enjoys his decision to major on his passion; Journalism during his undergraduate days even as an agricultural economics student.  Sola who was present with his beautiful spouse explained how he was actively involved in campus journalism then with Megaphone News Agency and its benefit to his career today. 

The gorgeously dressed inductees who were glad to be inducted had a photo session with the invited guests after the programme.

Curfew: Students' Union Embarks On Surveillance To Prevent Academic Activities

Curfew: Students' Union Embarks On Surveillance To Prevent Academic Activities

The Students' Union of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife has embarked on a surveillance to boycott any possible academic activities especially tests that may want to crop up today.

A team of Union officers led by the SU PRO, Ojedokun Emmanuel a.k.a Immanuel Kant was seen moving from one lecture theatre to the other be sure that no lecture or test holds.

It was earlier reported today that the scheduled SSC101 test was going to hold until the Union President, Akande Omotayo a.k.a TY clashed with the course coordinator. Reports available to us have it that all tests billed for this morning did not eventually hold.

Friday, 21 August 2015

NABOS OAU Invitation To Submit Expression Of Interest For Package Production

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.


The National Association of Botany Students (NABOS), Obafemi Awolowo University chapter is proposing to produce welfare packages which will contain worthy items for her members.

Consequently, the association wishes to invite reputable Companies/Groups/Concepts/Firms to express interest to undertake the project.

Interested and competent firms wishing to carry out the above job must submit the following documents with the expression of interest:
1. Details of the firm/company/concept/group.
2. A document showcasing a recent similar project undertaken.
3. A proposal detailing innovative materials you will suggest to be included in packages for Botany students.
4. A Reference Letter from a financial member of the National Association of Botany Students, OAU.
5. A photocopy of the Expression Fee receipt.
(N:B Interested firms are required to pay a non-refundable expression fee of N1,500:00 before submission of the documents above.)

The above listed documents should be submitted to the Secretariat of the above association located towards the Department of Botany, Biological Sciences building, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State on or before 11:59pm on 6th September, 2015.

All successful bidders will be contacted and interviewed after the deadline for the interest expression and the best firm will be contracted for the project thereafter.

For Further enquiries: 07010262246, 07065269505, 08138276857, 08142700903 or 08165793328

Hon. Seun - Ibiyemi Saga: Read Transcript Of The Judicial Council's Judgement

 Justice Joshua Olorunda (Lord Chancellor)

Prior to the withdrawal of the eligibility suit instituted by Awotiwon Ibiyemi with the Judicial Council of Great Ife Students' Union against the Secretary General of the SU, Oketooto Oluwaseun a.k.a Hon. Seun, another case between Odey John Benjamin, Ehinmosan Olukolade Oyewole vs. Omotayo Akande was decided. The judgement of the later has been said by many to have prompted the withdrawal of the suit filed by Ibiyemi against Hon. Seun. Here is a copy of the lead judgement delivered by the Lord Chancellor of the Judicial Council (JC) of the Great Ife Students' Union, Justice Joshua Olorunda on 6th August, 2015 at the Security room of the Students' Union Building (SUB).






The electoral commission has its validity from section 60 of the sacrosanct constitution. As such, it assures the position of the Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria. Thus, it has the right to administer good elections which are its express constitutional duties. Without doubt no body of such can make a mid-wifery of a good election without setting guidelines. However, in as much as the Electoral commission has implied rights to a very reasonable extent under section 60(4), its moves must not contravene any express provision of the sacrosanct constitution of Great Ife. Now, in the mainstream world, for elections there are three principal laws cum directives that guide every election;

1) The 1999 constitution 2) The act of parliament (laws for state) and 3) Electoral guidelines .The constitution is superior to the electoral act; the latter is superior to any guideline.

Also, even in the mainstream world there are threshold issues that an act of parliament must contravene, if it has been settled in constitution, and by extension, a guideline must met dabble into such, as issues of eligibility, viz; the age, educational requirement and citizenship. As such, the 1999 constitution, for example cannot have any other law, be it The electoral Act of Nigeria or any other, dabbling into express provisions relatory to an election, such as Eligibility which has three settled criteria for the office of the presidency for example, viz; that he is a citizen of Nigeria, that he is 40 year and that he has the school certificate any other provision in the Act must not go down to eligibility, except other things.
However, the Act can make other provisions and also reiterate the provisions of the constitution. The guidelines are therefore majorly and in fact only for administrative purposes and nothing more.

(Relying on the authority in the case of AG ABIA AND 35 ORS Vs. AG FEDERATION)
As such, the respondent’s argument that the election petition guidelines are valid to the extent of their constituency with the constitution would hold, for me. They can only hold if they go pari-pasu with the constitution .For example Great Ife sacrosanct constitution lays down express rule of eligibility in section 62; that the candidate must be a registered member of the union and that he has spent at least an academic session.

The same principles apply to the second issues for determination. As such, the guideline are valid if they are not inconsistent with any express provision of the constitution, whether impliedly or directly, as submitted by the respondent.

Can the congress entertain strictly judicial matters? I think it is absurd and arbitrary to say the congress, can entertain strictly judicial matters. Apart from the fact that the constitutional provisions for the congress contained in section 6 only gives it legislative power, such legislative powers can even only be exercised if any matter is beyond the CEC, that is by implication there must have been deliberations, debates, counter arguments and as such as a deadlock to the issue on ground, or if any such has happened in SRC too, then had been deadlocked. Then a congress had been called, this is why only the president or the speaker can call a congress, and not the chief justice- the Lord Chancellor. It would be arbitrary, against principle of natural justice, if the Lord Chancellor and the judiciary as a whole are stripped of their constitutional powers. It not only on OAU campus that we have cases of tradition which have come to hold. And the fact that any action does not mean it is a law. The jurisdiction of the judiciary cuts across many sections of the sacrosanct constitution.

The questions we should ask here include, on what issues is the decision of the congress final? Was the congress called by he who has the power to call it? Has due process of the law being followed before the congress was called? Was the matter beyond either the CEC or SRC?

The second phase of question to be asked are; the principles of natural justice being observed, viz; Nemo judex incausasua, and Audi alterem partem. That is, ’’you can’t be a judge in your own case” and “hear both sides to case before you decide.’’ Apart from the fact that these principles are sacrosanct and non-negligible any where in the world, they are even the two legs on which equity and fairness stands on. Would you say the decision of a legislative arm is final on judicial matters? In fact, the other legislative arm being the SRC can only reverse the decision of the court if it has satisfied the constitutional provisions in to-to (that is on issues if proven official corruption.)

On whether the assurance that the people present were all students of Great Ife or not, as submitted by the petitioners. Well, there is a prima facie belief that the people present are all student of Great Ife until the contrary is proved. This is obiter to judgment anyway. The main must not be forgotten, that the decision of the congress is found only if the above question of procedure, constitutional jurisdiction and rule of laws have been followed. Else, it would mean that the congress would be allowed to pass decision buttering on sensitive issues like budget or judicial issues like rape, or saying the congress should nullify a constitutional provision, or the constitution itself and many other issues so forth. As such, the petitioners’ submission that the decision of the congress is not final would hold.

I urge all Great Ife students to represent the sacrosanct constitution, bonding on you as student and at least within the confines on OAU and sometimes even beyond. I urge all students of OAU to respect the creator (that is the constitution) than the creations (that is any committee, commission, council or body of people). For people who think the judiciary is quite slow on this. I think you may have a point on the maxim ‘’justice delayed is justice denied’’ but you may not have a point under the maxim ‘’justice rushed is justice crushed’’.

Justice Joshua (Lord Chancellor) JSU
Justice Jumoke (Registrar) JSU
Justice Khalid (Member) JSU
Justice Sammy H (Member) JSU
Justice Shegun Ray (Member) JSU
Justice Laitan (Member) JSU
Justice Dayo (Member) JTU

2015 MTN Foundation Scholarship

MTN (MTN Foundation) invites applications from eligible students from across the country for its 2015 Scholarship program.

Applicants from public Universities and Colleges of Education in Nigeria must be full time undergraduates in 200 level/2nd year.

Applicants from public Universities and Colleges of Education must have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) score of 3.5 or its equivalent (2:1)

Applicants from public Polytechnics must have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 (upper credit) from the Ordinary National Diploma (OND) programme and must have secured admission into the Higher National Diploma programme (HND).

Direct entry level students must have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 (upper credit) from the OND programme and must have secured admission into 200 level/2nd year in a public University

Current Beneficiaries of the MTN Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship award are not eligible to apply

The MTN Foundation reserves the right to cancel or suspend a scholarship award if it is discovered that an applicant /awardee provided false information.

Names of successful candidates will be published in National Dailies

WORTH: N200,000 per beneficiary.

DEADLINE: Closing date for receipt of application is Sunday, September 6, 2015
Please note that all information provided will be verified and persons with fraudulent information will be held accountable.

Please note that this portal is the only mode of application.

Only applications from students studying one of the under listed courses will be considered:
Agric. Extension and Rural Development;
Agricultural Science; Agronomy
Animal Breeding and Genetics;
Animal Nutrition;
Animal Production and Health
Aquaculture and Fisheries Management;
Applied Physics
Chemical Engineering;
Civil Engineering;
Computer and Electronics
Computer and Information Science;
Computer and Mathematics;
Computer Engineering
Computer Science;
Electrical Engineering;
Electrical/Electronics Engineering;
Electronics and Computer Technology
Electronics Engineering;
Engineering Physics;
Industrial Mathematics;
Industrial Physics
Information Technology;
Mechanical Engineering;
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Petroleum and Gas Engineering;
Physics Electronics;
Physics/ Computational Modeling
Pure/ Applied Physics;
Statistics and Computer Science;
System Engineering.