Thursday, 27 August 2015

Fajuyi Hall Turns Gambling Den

By Adetula David

Some students of Obafemi Awolowo University and non-students have turned Adekunle Fajuyi Hall of Residence to a gambling hell.

The table tennis game facility installed at the foyer close to the Porter's lodge has now turned to a business ground where students and non students gamble with their playing prowess. According to investigation carried out, some non-students including some of the barbers that work in Fajuyi Hall who can play the table tennis game have even infiltrated the Hall to earn from the gamble.

Those involved in this gamble sometimes bet with money worth N1,000, N2,000, N3,000 and even more. Infact, some of these gamblers bet with material things including their gadgets.

The act got intensified recently as students and non-students are seen almost every hour of the day at the spot to gamble in a bid to win.

The Chairman of Adekunle Fajuyi Hall, Sunnepa has however denied knowledge of the act. Sunnepa told our correspondent that the Hall's Sport Director is in charge of the table tennis and he is yet to report such to him. He however promised to look into the report in a bid to investigate it.

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