Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Life On Campus With Mizdee- Privacy

By Dosunmu Deborah
The first time I browsed my e portal page during the sessional break and saw the then annoying clause, 'congratulations! You've been allocated a bed space in Alumni Hall,' it was appalling. I could not believe my eyes, so I came up with an excuse of false hope: I will be reallocated to another hall. I never dreamt of being allocated a bed space in alumni hall. I don't think I need to tell you my preference.
The decision to move to Alumni took me a month. In that month of indecision, my friends and I went to 'inspect' the hall. The beauty that heralds this hall is just the parking lot...and well, the common room. It is important that I take cognisance of my environment. The first thing I noticed on the walls of block 1 was...

" Avoid squatting.
       Enjoy your privacy."


Let's omit 'squatting'. The word that aroused my curiosity was 'privacy'. In Alumni?, seriously?, I wondered within me. Don't forget the fact that I've not stayed in alumni before and I've heard that Alumni is a 'Glorified Mozambique Hall'(for lots of reasons, bunk beds being the utmost). Unlike Moremi where a lady can have her corner all to herself, in Alumni, you have to share a bunk with another girl. So what's is this 'privacy' all about? Suddenly, a lady opened a door to one of the rooms, and what do I see? Curtains!,shielding each bunk and corner. My expression was 'oh!curtains?'. Then,it occurred to me that this is the 'PRIVACY' I am to enjoy.

Questions/opinions have been raised concerning 'the tying of curtains in Alumni Hall.
Join me next week as I bring on board people's opinions, questions and answers.

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