Sunday, 9 August 2015

Secret of Success (Part 2)

By Adigun Paul

Having read the 'Secret of Success Part 1', it is high time I enlightened you the more on the secret of success. I will like to shed  more light on some basic, if not necessary things to be successful.

A successful heart is a fulfilled heart that means if you are successful there will be a great joy in your heart. People tend towards you because they know you have a success packed story.

Success goes down to how you can make use of these few tips of mine. Read, digest and act on it.

Read motivational books
Reading motivational books makes you to discover yourself, your talent and your goal. Try as much as possible not to deteriorate motivational books that they are just mere books. These books are mostly written by successful people. It could be religious, academic, social or marital books. You tend to be successful in that area than them if you get a motivational book.

Always move with visionary people
Visionary people are those that have the sight on their future, aiming and striving to be successful. You will surely see it in their way of life and speeches in the class, in religious places and in other public grounds. They are zealous and concerned about their future. Move with them and make friends with them.

The only way you can ride on to success is by being efficient in every area. Nothing should be left untouched. Failure to go along with a specific part may lead to your failure in other parts because life requires you having a little knowledge at least in every aspect of it. Be dynamic and not static!

Change your life with your thought
This goes a long way because success begins with you, starts from your actions and perseverance. It starts from how much you can be able to think, reason and act. Your thought is very powerful and goes a long way in determining how successful you can be. You make choices yourself and  choose everything yourself.

Consistent in pursuit of your dreams and goals
Think about people who run marathon and win, does it just happen? They train for weeks and months focused on attaining that goal. They do not blame others if they fail. Likewise do they let other people's utterances down them. Therefore, only consistency makes the difference. Keep moving on and don't look at your past but focus more on your goal.

Remember, we will decide our destiny ourselves. Yes! You are where you are because that is where your mind wants you to be. It is not someone else's fault.

It is the way 99.9% of us have been conditioned but in an instant and a single instant, you can change all of that.

Therefore make the change today and get yourself on the right track. Danke!

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