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Your Body Selects Too: Know Your Allergies - Pope Jay

 Three hundred years ago in certain parts of Africa, if a man had a rash or a serious cough, it would have been thought to most likely be a spiritual attack. A hundred years ago, it would most likely be thought to be an infection and perhaps maybe still a spiritual attack. However, in the present day; a continuous sneeze, persistent itching and a whole lot of other illnesses can now be traced to a wide range of causes; from a simple bacterial infection to a complex and maybe untreatable viral infection to a whole lot of others causes. However, a vast majority of these simple illnesses can now be traced to a simple negative reaction by the body to something it does not like, simply called an Allergy.
An Allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction by the body to foreign substances that in similar amounts and circumstances may not affect other people and the substance that causes the allergic reaction is simply referred to as Allergen and an allergen may be a number of things; dust, fur, a particular type of food, bites from particular insects and certain drugs to mention a few. An allergen varies from person to person meaning that what causes an allergic reaction in Mr. A may not affect Mr. B at all and this is a major reason why it is very important to know ones specific allergens.
Some symptoms of allergies may include reddening of the eyes, mild and severe itching, runny nose, skin infections and even asthma attacks. Allergies may be deadly in some instances leading to conditions like anaphylactic shocks which may in turn lead to death. Allergies as simple as they may seem contribute a whole lot to worldwide deaths as a result of ignorance, carelessness and the lackadaisical attitude of majority towards their allergens.
 The best way to handle allergies is to prevent them, a man should learn what is allergens are and avoid them. However, due to the imperfection of man and his inability to have a hundred percent control of his environment, allergens may not be totally avoidable therefore people should try to learn more about the nature of their allergies and their respective first aid treatments. For example, a man who gets breathing difficulties when exposed to dust or a damp environment should try as much as possible to avoid dusty environments and damp and moldy places as mould spores could irritate him and set up a toxic reaction in his system, he should also get face masks, inhalers and over the counter drugs for his condition just in case. Allergic symptoms may however persist in some cases; it would then be advisable to seek out a professional medical practitioner to confirm if it is really an allergy and how best to treat it.
 Allergic reactions affect a high percentage of the population and the health system apart from providing cures can also help the society by the frequent enlightenment of the general masses in order to be more conscious of this individualistic natural selection process of the body and perhaps, they may reduce the hospital visits.

Pope Jay
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