Monday, 7 September 2015

BEACONS Donates Waste Bins To OAU Community

Members of Beacons Organisation on Saturday, September 5, moved from one spot on campus to another as the group donated swing-top waste bins to the OAU community.

Speaking about the project, the President, Oluwaferanmi Adedeji said: “These swing-top waste bins represent our first statement of intent as an organisation. We felt that there were some crucial spots on campus where we thought waste bins were needed. It’s important for us to keep our campus clean and take this culture with us everywhere we go; cleanliness they say is next to godliness.”

The Vice-President, Adekanye Opeyemi chipped in with some words: “Leadership begins with responsibility in little things. We can all moan about how dirty our environment is, even how dirty Nigeria is but it all begins with the individuals. If everybody imbibes the culture of throwing trash into the trash cans, we will have a neat environment. It is only an aberrant person that will see a clean environment and intentionally mess it up.”

The President also solicited for the support of the authorities, “We plead for the support of the authorities and the general OAU community in our bid to encourage members of the Obafemi Awolowo University Community to make use of all the waste bins that have been made available.”

B.E.A.C.O.N.S is an acronym meaning Builders, Enlightened Advocates of Change of Nigerian Society. According to the President of the group;

"We are driven by our dream of a new generation that will be willing and able to impact their community, the country and the world at large positively.

“Our main objective is to through community service, solve problems faced by members of our immediate community (O.A.U) thereby imbibing a sense of responsibility that seems to be missing in many of the outgoing generation’s leaders. One could say we are trying to 'kill two birds with a single stone', solve community problems and build true leaders."

He assertively concluded by saying, “This is our passion, our vision and we will continue to embark on projects like this one. We will continue to push in this direction and will appreciate the support of the University management and the Students’ Union on our way.”

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