Monday, 12 October 2015

‘ICT Skill Acquisition Programme Is Alien To Student Unionism’ –TY

By David Adetula

The ICT Skill Acquisition Programme been currently championed by the Students’ Union of Obafemi Awolowo University has been described as something alien to student unionism.

Omotayo Akande a.k.a TY, the OAU Students’ Union President during his welcome note at the pre-training seminar held at Oduduwa Hall on Saturday has revealed how he has continually received criticisms from some students including activists for bringing the skill acquisition and empowerment programme on board.

TY said the sole reason given by those against the programme has been that Students’ Union which is a pressure group is supposed to be focused on activism and not on programmes like this. He however said that his response has been that much more beyond the pressure group which the Union is that will continue to demand and agitate for better welfare conditions, there is a need for the Union to empower its members for the outside life.

“Many students have come to me, even student activists to say that this is not what the Union should be doing. What I always ask them is, beyond demanding, beyond agitating which the Union has been doing, what else can the Union do?” TY said.

The Union president said in the current labour market, certificate alone is not sufficient as these skills will stand one out. Also speaking in similar vein, the Guest Speaker during the seminar, Kunle Oladele, the MD/CEO, AVI LTD commended the Union for embarking on this initiative to add the needed value their students especially those that will be graduating soon.

Oracle University and NIIT are the two major big wigs been brought on board by the powering group, Bridgeup Nigeria Limited in partnership with OAU Students’ Union to train OAU students on courses including PMP, PHP & MYSQL, ORACLE (SQL), AUTOCAD, JAVA and others. Side attractions including cake & confectioneries and driving are also embedded in the scheme.

The Union blamed the poor turnout of students for the seminar on the peculiarity of the examination period and hopes it will improve when the training finally kick-off. The ICT Skill Acquisition Programme is expected to run concurrently for three (3) weeks after the semester examinations.
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