Thursday, 15 October 2015

Immediate Past Awo Hall Secretary, Gideon Beaten For Theft

By Abiola Durodola and Farombi Oluwaseun

It was a bloody day for Apoel Gideon, the immediate past Secretary of the caretaker committee of Awolowo Hall yesterday as he begged those that were once his 'boys' to save his life following the criminal treat done him. ‘He was forcefully administered his own medicine in a popular style’ someone quipped.

Gideon was reported to have stolen some items which include a Samsung S2 which was discovered by the owner and another laptop. Upon this discovery, he was told to prove the ownership of the phone which Gideon failed to do. The owner brought out the receipt and the phone pack which has the IMEI number which matched with what Gideon was with. The owner reported the case immediately to the Students' Union Security Committee.

Our efforts to speak with Gideon yesterday proved abortive as members of the SU Security Committee prevented journalists from seeing him on the excuse that he will be moderated today. Students’ continuous clamour that Gideon's case be moderated yesterday fell on deaf ears as the security team insisted that could not be done for security reasons. We eventually learnt the security committee acted based on the instruction handed down by the SU president through a phone call but the Security Committee promised that his case will be moderated the next day (Wednesday) at the level of Awo café by 8am.

Based on the account of the Security Committee, Gideon confessed that he actually stole the phone and laptop. During the early hours of yesterday, students converged at Awo café to see how the moderation would go. After so many submissions by students, it was agreed that he will be given three (3) strokes of cane each by three Awolowo Hall residents which was meted. He was then paraded to Angola hall with students shouting "Gideon Ole Ole" but he was not beaten there due to intervention of the Vice Dean, Division of Student Affair (DSA) and some security personnel after claims that he had fainted and he was bleeding profusely from his nose.

Gideon was later rushed into an ambulance which was later blocked by students with an attack been launched on the driver of the ambulance right in front of the Health Centre but he was bundled into a Red bus which later took him away to OAUTHC for treatment. As at the time of filing this report, the exact health state of Gideon cannot be ascertained.
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