Thursday, 15 October 2015

OAU Students React To Gideon’s Theft Moderation

By David Adetula

Several diverging reactions have continued to pour in on Gideon’s theft case as some students now feel it is high time the judgement meted of suspects and convicts of crimes on Obafemi Awolowo University changed since those that are behind it have not been changed by what they pretend to believe in.

In an interview by our correspondence with the Student Union president on Gideon’s case, he said ‘nobody is above the law’. TY further stated that his administration will ensure that thieves caught will be paraded if he/she does not have any health issue which has been the normal tradition on this campus. He also assured students that he will never let them down and justice will surely prevail.

In several related reactions of numerous students interviewed, they opined that Gideon had that criminal treat because he has been spearheading the beating of other thieves that have been caught in time past, hence, they have no pity for him.

One Mr Yemi, a student however was of a contrary opinion saying his career should have been considered while moderating his case since he is a Law student that will hope to attend the law school soon. He was of the opinion that he should not be paraded like any other person with the same offence.

Comrade Yakman in his own assessment of the matter said “It is one thing for an average student to steal but it is a different ball game for someone who is a custodian of justice to commit a crime he has punished people for without mercies. For someone who we all thought has the interest of the students at heart but meanwhile has his own personal interest or should I say agenda .This APOEL GIDEON has played on the collective intellect of OAU students and justice should take its course without biased, am not calling for the head of this gentle man of the highway but what am saying is this if people have been beaten to other nationalities (black to white) and maimed by the so call doctors of justice for less sinister crimes then why should he not be made to dance to the full rhythm of the law after all justice has only one colour.”

Some of Gideon’s associates have however said they were surprised to see him commit the same offence he has vigorously dealt with people for. They are of the opinion that spiritual influence may be a playing factor in his case.

Away from these comments, some students have started saying that it is high time the students came together to discuss the way suspects are been investigated and subjected to Scientific Maximum Shishi (SMS). The worrisome state of Gideon yesterday has been a basis of argument while some feel it goes beyond him.

It will be recalled that OAU Peeps News Agency reported some months back how Apoel Gideon handled an alleged theft case where he unrepentantly smashed and battered a suspected thief who was later discovered not to be guilty of the same allegation.
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