Monday, 30 November 2015

Nigeria Of My Dream; The Role Of Youths - Adigun Olayemi

By Adigun Olayemi

I gett baffled with the current state of my country Nigeria. The job opportunities continue to decrease, roads are not the way they should be anymore, agriculture is depreciating day by day due to the non-cognisance of our governments. Not only these, public workers no longer get paid their salaries as at when due. The telecommunication sector is now a means of income to their owners only thereby allowing for all fraudulent acts to invade the sector at the expense of Nigerians. Maximum security is no longer the priority of the government of the day whereby allowing for incessant bombings and incessant kidnapping which scare foreign investors.

Food prices get on the high on daily basis paving way for the poor to get poorer. The education system has sporadically declined knowing that no Nigerian university is among the first 200 in the world. Electricity is another thing hampering our nation’s economic development. The National House of Assembly has turned to the home of several hybrids of wrestlers. What are we to do to all these things? What exactly is our government of the doing?

These questions and many more I keep asking myself. Nigeria has huge potentials to be the greatest nation on earth. Nigeria is blessed with abundant land to cultivate many crops for human consumption. The potentials are there in our teachers to make the students better. Youth have roles to play. We must influence people around us with the dream of a greater Nigeria. Nigeria youths must change their orientation of the country from bad to good.

They must start seeing themselves as the future leaders of this country whereas the future starts now. Passing through the higher institution must reflect in their activities for those that have the opportunity.
Nigeria has so many potentials like Chimanda Adichie who won the Orange prize, Wole Soyinka, the Nobel Laureate winner and so on. They have all contributed immensely to the growth of the nation while they were in their youth days. Youths must stand to their feet to make Nigeria a better place to be.
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