Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Students Commend ACJ OAU On CES 2015

By Ojelabi Jesujoba

Following the recently concluded Campus Editors’ Summit (CES 2015) organized by the Association of Campus Journalists (ACJ), Obafemi Awolowo University, a number of students who participated in the summit have continued to pour encomium on the organizers for the innovation.

In a series of interviews organized by our correspondent immediately after the 2-day summit, we were able to gather some of these comments.

Akinokowo Suleiman, a student of Computer Science at the University Of Ilorin, described his experience at the Summit as awesome. In his description of ACJ OAU, he claimed; “…ACJ OAU has been fantastic, they should keep it up.” When giving his opinion on the rather controversial theme of the summit; ‘Journalism and Politics: Two parallel lines, he stated’, he was of the opinion that both work hand in hand.

Contrary to the views of some participants, the President of the Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ) of the University of Ibadan, Kareem Tawakalit, holds a contrasting opinion as she in her own words opined that Journalism and Politics are immiscible. “I don’t think it’s mixable, at least not sincerely. I don’t think you can mix both of them and do both of them sincerely”. She also appreciated the organizers for their warm reception as her views of great hospitality of OAU students was upheld.

Abdul-Ganiyu Shehu, the Vice President (Editorial) of the Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ilorin, also described the program as interesting and educating. He stated that the program, beyond its enlightening effect, also provided the campus journalists from various schools an opportunity to meet with their colleagues from other schools. Commenting on the theme of the Summit, he said; “From what I have gotten so far, I think if you want to be a journalist, be a journalist and if you want to be a politician, be a politician. There is no way both of them can meet together. You cannot be a good journalist and be a good politician”.

Adedapo Treasure, a member of the Reflector Team also commented on the theme of the summit. In his words; “Personally, as at now, I think it is best for us as nation builders to ensure the immiscibility of politics and journalism because if a journalist is a practicing and active politician, then I think that the question of objectivity is under pressure”. He further commended the ACJ OAU on the organization of the summit and stated; “My word to ACJ is that we as an association must continue to foster unity in this profession and to this administration of ACJ, this is the beginning of great things!”

Still on the summit, the President of the Obafemi Awolowo University Students’ Union, Omotayo Akande, also had something to say. In his words, he described the summit as another form of symposium in the sense that the programme has not only helped to sensitize the campus journalists but it has also exposed the attendees to some basic ethics of journalism. He however expressed his disappointment to the fact most campus politicians were not present for the summit as he believed the summit helped to understand the connection between journalism and politics.

Ayomide Adegebo in his own submission commended ACJ OAU for coming up with the programme which is a good thing as it brought campus journalists together. On the topic of the summit, Ayomide feels the common ground that politics and journalism have is of a better world envisaged from both ends. He was however quick to point out that he does not buy into the idea where journalists who are supposed to be watchdog to the politicians also meddle into politics.

Some of the members of the Organizing Committee for the CES 2015 who spoke with our correspondents were glad that the event was a big success but however complained of financial difficulty as it was hard to get sponsorship for the programme. Olanrewaju Oyedeji, the Chairman, Guild of Editors, ACJ OAU; Lukmon Fasasi, a popular student blogger and Adebayo Benjamin, the President of ACJ OAU in common submissions appreciated God for the Success of the summit. They also expressed delight concerning the massive turnout of journalists from other tertiary institutions.

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