Sunday, 1 November 2015

SU Elections: “I Have Not Endorsed Any Candidate” – TY

By David Adetula

The Students’ Union President of Obafemi Awolowo University, Omotayo Akande a.k.a TY has thrown to the bin the speculations pervading some corners that he has anointed and endorsed some certain persons to vie for offices in the Students’ Union elections coming up later this semester.

In recent times, especially during the periods after the Harmattan semester examinations, some students who obviously wish to involve in the Students’ Union leadership have started their underground campaigns as they move from one room to another to seek support. Some of them in the course of convincing their electorates, they have stated that they have the backing of some of the current Students’ Union heavyweights.

Addressing journalists yesterday at the end of the 2015 Campus Editors’ Summit that held at Pit Theatre of the institution, the SU president said he will not be surprised if anyone goes to the public and uses his name to garner political support especially before the protagonists of this administration but however insisted that he has not endorsed any candidate at this moment.

“For now, TY has no candidate and I won’t be surprised if people start going around and start saying I am the TY-endorsed candidates. You know it is politics, when some people know you are a friend to TY and they want to campaign to you, they will say TY is endorsing me and when they know you are the ‘enemy’ of TY, they will tell you TY is not endorsing me and condemn TY. It is normal.” TY said.

The Union President further stated that it is however too early to start playing politics as the current administration still has a lot to achieve even though it has achieved majority of what is stated in its manifestoes. He said there are lots of administrative assignments before the administration that is not making it prioritize the Students’ Union elections for now.

It will be recalled that the previous Students’ Union administration was at the centre of a serious controversy as it was alleged to have endorsed a particularly presidential candidate which some political commentators have even described as a major role player in the eventual loss suffered by the candidate. If the current academic calendar for the Rain semester is anything to go by, the SU elections that will usher in a new set of leaders of the Union is expected to come up between January and February, 2016.
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