Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Beaten Bus Driver, Likely Reason For Mid-semester Break

The University has not been shut down as speculated but rather the Senate of the university decided that the students should embark on a mid-semester break, the Public Relations Officer of Obafemi Awolowo University, Mr Abiodun Olanrewaju told campus journalists.

In a telephone chat with Mr Olarenwaju today, he insisted that the mid-semester break was necessary as the Senate of the University decided yesterday. He however said the students dare not question the authority of the senate on the decision. He further maintained that the University authority will recall the students as at when due.

Though the University PRO refused to link the mid-semester break to any development but a very strong indication that reached us has it that the decision of the Senate is linked to the treatment handed down to a public transport bus driver popularly known as ‘Town Gboro’ last week and not the protest embarked upon by students as many believe.

Late last week, a bus driver who was alleged to have stolen a gadget of a student of the institution was arrested by members of the Security Committee of the Students’ Union. During the period of investigation by the Security Committee, the bus driver reportedly confessed to the same allegation of theft upon which he was beaten seriously. This led to him been taken to the Health Centre of the institution for treatment afterwards.

There are however rumours pervading the University community that the bus driver died yesterday due to a yet to be ascertained reason. These rumours have been quashed by the Students’ Union saying it is not true. The association of bus drivers since Monday has however mandated their members not to operate within the University community which they have since complied with.
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