Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Former Students' Union President, Ibikunle Appreciates OAU Students Upon Graduation

Former Students' Union President, Ibikunle Appreciates OAU Students Upon Graduation

The previous Obafemi Awolowo University Students' Union President, Ibikunle Motunrayo has taken to the social media to appreciate all those that contributed to his management of the OAU Students' Union when he was the President including the generality of Ife students.

Below is the long appreciation note which he titled 'My touchy and touching appreciations'

Thank you God for the great Grace so far, am a product of grace;

Thank you my mum for the motherly and spiritual backing till date, you are everything to me;

Thank you my aunt, Mrs Ejimoh Alao and the Late Barrister Rasaq Alao for giving me that huge N3,000 in 1999 to pay for my secondary school admission fee therefore saving me from dropping out, thank you for standing in when my dad rejected me and my uncle turned me and grandma back in 1999;

Thank you my cousins, brothers and sisters, immediate and extended, blood and non-blood related, for your support and motivation; Thank U my cousins for providing me with your bags, textbooks , Edet-goes-to-school shoes and Yaba-bought shirts and baggy trousers to feel among in school and among peers back then.( Yes, I wore Yaba shirts! What of you? You wan form abi?) Thank U Mr Seni and Yinka Ashaye and Olugbenga Samuel Ibikunle for motivating me to go further to study law after my ND education. Thank you my numerous brothers and mates in TAC choir then and on the streets of Sagamu, Shomolu and Bariga.

Thank you Mrs Awolesi's, Mrs Adeboye's and Elder Olaoye's families and few others for being there when many forgot me and my mum in TAC Sagamu District;

For your fervent prayers, especially when I was the President of one of the most radical and challenging Student Union in the Universe, thank you Pastor Adegoke, Pastor Adenekan and Ex-TACSFON Pastor Ebenezer. And particularly current OAU TACSFON Pastor Akano, Mr Emmanuel, Miss Ife Makinde and others that we did have vigils together at sport complex ( I know many will find this incredible! Guys, it happened, I ran to God!)

For the immeasurable love and affection I was showered in OAU, I say thank you my ex-classmates and the whole students of the faculty of Law, present and past; thank you members and Alumni of Moot and Mock Team, Equity Chambers, Red Cross, ACJ NAOS, Man O' War OAU; thank you to the ex-Angola Hall mates and Juniors, guys am indebted; thank U to all my mamas in Moremi, Sports, Alumni and Mozambique Halls( though am not a fine boy, I was blessed with ladies and mamas in OAU who ruled my campaign and administration! Winks*) thank you to all current members and Alumni of all the 13 faculties, 8 halls of residence, Parakin Estate, Maintenance/Jolly/Fine Touch hostels and other off-campus residences for believing in me; thank you to my colleagues, the most supportive CEC members, the SRC members led by my indefatigable friend, RBT, the Judiciary led by Oriloye Fuad, my brother from another mother since Part 1, my ever gallant and intelligence driven security team, my Strategy/Media Teams- during campaign and administration, the HEC,among others; thank you to TACSFON and UJCM OAU, all fellowships, MSSN and Muslim brothers and sisters( funny enough, until recently, many can not say with certainty my religion on campus because of the strong cordiality I maintained with the two religion societies)

To staff unions in OAU especially ASUU, to the Great Ife Alumni Body, to my ex union leaders, particularly those who supported , a big thank you for adopting me as your mentee; to my ever supportive lecturers, Doctors and Professors, you have been very wonderful! To those OAU staff who were our insiders and informants, you are celebrated; in the same vein, I say a big thank you to my teachers in primary and secondary schools.

And also to those who were(as many have apologised and made peace) , or are still, my antagonists , a big thank you for as Edmund Burke once said 'He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper'. In fact, beside my quest to succeed in life so as to cater for my family through my profession and vigorously pursue the end to peoples' misery and poverty in Nigeria through my profession and participation in politics, you are the next reason.

I say thank you to those who I would have naturally mentioned their names but tactically decided not to mention either because they are people who may not want to attract unnecessary attention to their names as a result of their social, political and business standing, or they are those I do not want to engender the envy of their colleagues or friends to them. Deep down in you, you know I would have mentioned you but...!

And to all my friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, especially those who will always like, comment, retweet, share or favourite my posts, tweets and pictures, I say a big thank you!

To you all, may you walk and never tumble! May you and your family continue to increase in good health and financial abundance Insha Allah Insha Jesus!(As usual abi?, winks) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!

Isaac Motunrayo Ibikunle,

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  1. Son of A Dick..
    Ur fada has been causing strike Abi..
    Thank God u are out... I pray the new President won't be as useless as u are..
    Ugly Moffo..

  2. ODe... After all the strike wey u cause..
    U come dey preach gospel to us..
    What CGPA did u finish with?
    Bloody cultist

  3. Are you guys alright? The guy has finished last session... You're mistaking him with TY who is on suspension