Monday, 7 December 2015

OYA Magazine To Celebrate 100 Students That Shaped OAU In 2015

OYA Magazine To Celebrate 100 Students That Shaped OAU In 2015

In recent times, there have been growing involvement of youth in different spheres. The impact made by these youth has not gone unnoticed by the team at OYA Magazine who will be conducting a list of 100 students that shaped OAU in 2015. We call them the most outstanding students in OAU (#OYAOAU100). they cut across several industries ranging from politics, entrepreneurship, arts, entertainment, to name a few.

The goal of #OYAOAU100 is to recognise and appreciate individuals whose dedication has driven them to make a difference in various fields in school and even beyond the walls of this great citadel.

Nominations have commenced and it will close on December 14. This is done in order to discover and help bring the names of those excelling in their fields to the fore.

We urge the public to nominate, bearing in mind that it is about celebrating outstanding young achievers and not about popularity contest or social media clout. The panel will make the final decision based on thorough examination of each nominee.

These are the categories:

1) Academics (All Departments)
2) Arts (Writing, Fine Arts, Photography, Graphics Design)
3) Entertainment (Music, Dance, Comedy, Compere, Events)
4) Entrepreneurship
5) Fashion (Style and beauty, Fashion Designers, Models, Make-Up artistes, Fashion Entrepreneurs)
6) Media (Social Media, Journalism, Magazine, Publishing, OAP)
7) Politics (Advocacy, Non-Governmental Organisations, Activism, Union Leaders Departmental Executives, Organisation Leaders)
8) Religion (Religious leaders, Executives)
9) Sports
10) Technology

Kindly follow this link to make your nominations
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