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'Project Let Go Africa' Storms OAU January 2016

'Project Let Go Africa' Storms OAU January 2016

The room is almost bare, save for old Ankara wrappers and thin sheets of once thick mattresses laid on the dusty cement floor. Water stains in the asbestos show evidence of roof leakage in about four different spots. It harbors rats, spider and sometimes outside guests like scorpions and lizards visit because of the torn window nets, and spoilt door frames.

This is Binta’s room—a four year old coming on the age of five girl—and she’s an orphan.She shares this room with other kids. They trek long distances to find water, and when the sun sets, it is time to go bed because they rely solely on nature’s source of light. Eating a balanced meal for these kids is like Christmas: It does not happen every day.

When the cold comes, they do not have decent clothes to shield them from its clutch, or shoes to keep their feet from blistering or getting injured from the hot sand and sharp materials like broken bottles.

She is a bubbly happy girl only when she is drawing pretty girls in big houses with loving parents on the sand. She is a girl whose true happiness resides only in her imagination.

This is a true life story, Binta and other orphan kids are at a motherless babies’ home in Moro Osun sate Nigeria. The motherless babies’ home can only do so much. They need your help, your support and your pledge to help kids like Binta.

In 2016, ‘Project Let Go Africa’ will be partnering with The Convenant Orphanage and Welfare Centre Moro and some NGOs in OAU to help these kids, to support them and help them realize their dreams and purpose as human beings. We call for your financial and material support (mattresses, paints for walls,generator for power supply, books and reading lamps for a library…..) to make these dreams reality. With what you give, you will be putting a smile and warmth on these kids’ face and heart.

In light of this, the second edition of the ‘projectletgo Africa’ will take place at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife in January 2016.

The maiden edition (www.projectletgoafrica.com/home/news/1003) of the ‘Project Let Go Africa’ took place at the SUB car park of the same university on the 3oth of January 2015. People were asked to bring three or more presentable wears in exchange for items, courtesy of our supporting fashion houses and partners. It experienced big turnout and donations from people dedicated to the cause of humanity. The event was also made dynamic by jokes, music and a showcase of talents for the good cause and thank-you snacks were made available to people for coming, courtesy of our catering partners. Over 800 wears were received and donated to orphanages and relief camps. Read more here.

The maiden edition was proudly vetoed and supported by the Student Union government (OAU), Jo's Indulge, JCI, ANUNSA, Heart 2 Heart, JFK Foundation, GossipNation, Neonatar, Seto Designs, Janicuts Fahion House, Burning Flames Concept(BFC), Adelodun Photography, Love4Hope, OAU PEEPS, Versatile Couture. The donated items were given to ANUNSA, AIESEC, JCI, and HEART2HEART for their charity projects. The event was fun-filled with games and brilliant performances from Mr Lively, Showbaba, DJ Glitz and other talented artistes. the successful event would have not possible without the help of the wonderful team, Tade, Oyinkan, Hon. Louis, Annie Oti, Ore Ajewole, Mc Sleekie, Dolapo, Vj Lexie, Dj Haysparcz, Samuel, Nifemi and Tosin.

The second edition of this charity event is in the works, getting ready to be bigger and better. We are also putting the general public at heart by organizing a seminar which includes an interactive session and motivational speakers on vital topics and of course a show case of talents. The exchange will take place after the Seminar. We will not only be accepting clothes but also books, toys ,food items, toiletries , stationery and other educational materials.

These donations will be going to orphanages,needy, IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps and some NGOs on campus.

As with this project, we are calling on the good people of this society for support, sponsorship and their generous donations to please stand with us and put a smile on someone’s face; to rekindle the fire of hope for that child’s future. To help humanity; to help fulfill purpose.

For enquiries and sponsorship:
Seyi: 07057305493
Uche: 08130152675
Ope: 0816446162


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