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We Need The Fence - Pope Jay

“Sitting on the Fence” is an English Idiomatic expression that is used to signify neutrality and in some instances; Indecision. However, one use of this expression that I remain rather skeptical about is its usage in denoting Cowardice. Even though in some circumstances, indecision can arise from Cowardice and other factors, I believe strongly that the “Neutrality” that the expression primarily depicts is a very strong necessity in the today’s society.
In the world today, almost everything is polarized, it is either; Right or Wrong, Good or Bad, White or Black, Republican or Democrat, APC or PDP, Ronaldo or Messi etc. One of the sad resultant effects of this polarization is the heavy rise in the sentimentalism of the society; People now tend to bend the interpretation of facts in a very annoying way to suit their ideals, thereby creating several dividing lines in the society. While some would prefer to go right, some others would prefer to go left.
 The next question would then be “Why not let everyman go is own way?” but then the issue of Man being a Social being then comes up. Man does not just function as a unit, he also functions as part of a bigger unit; The Society. If the society would then function as a unit, there is a need to establish some basic fundamental mottos and guidelines that would ensure her survival. Alexander Hamilton once said that; “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything”. This doesn’t just apply to individuals; it in fact applies to societies. A society that is not established on any basic ideal is most definitely going to fall. Thus, there is the need for the society to make some objective decisions as a unit and this is where the problem of diversity comes in. As a society is made up of different individuals with different opinions and sentiments, it is almost, if not totally, impossible to get a singular perspective on certain issues and whilst some might argue that in these instances, the “Majority Carries the Vote” principle of democracy comes to play, I would also want to point out that the “Majority” is not at as infallible as she is often portrayed as certain instances in history have actually shown that the Majority can in fact be influenced to make unpleasant decisions.
Considering these factors, would it not then be best to let the “Men on the fence” have the major say in these decisions? I believe the Non-Partisan Men are best fit to run some very important bodies in any society; The Police and Judiciary System, The Electoral Bodies, The Press etc. because in the end, the best judges are the non-partisan ones.
Is sitting on the Fence then a bad thing?
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