Friday, 29 January 2016

Egedegbe Gracious & Adeyemo Emmanuel Win Big At WRIDS Competition

Arts by self-coined definition to me would mean, in paraphrase, being creative. And when we say creativity, it is much like a relative term which one could similarise with diverse kinds of factors having to do with our community and society by extension. In furtherance, with this creativity in our hands, I guess the pasts that are making the masses, within and or off the four walls of this ivory-tower to feel cowered up can be allayed or solved for the benefit of humanity in general. So, it is in this light, I would want to believe, the faculty of Arts/Humanities, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, specifically, the department of English and Literary Studies come up with the idea or the notion to discuss, in the form of writing, debate and spelling bee amid us students, some disturbing issues affecting our lives as youth/students and or that may affect us, when we are done as one in the morrow. NASELS - National Association of English and Literary Students deciding bodies, under the overall control of its President - Sodiq Oyeleke - brought about the Writing, Debate and Spelling Bee Competition (WRIDS competition) with awards tagged alongside, promisingly, for those that would make it out fine.

So, the contests had taken place and had gone. All of the contestants went home with gift(s) for partaking in the competition. But it would be of lackadaisical act on the side of this news agency, if we fail to have you informed some of the core details you'd love to read about or know about took place at the level of Aud 2. Only students under the banner of Nasels put in for the contests so, not only students in part one contested but also two and three students, namely:

Okediji Samuel
Akingbade Victor
Egedegbe Gracious
Akinola Ebunoluwa
Adeyemi Emmanuel
And others who participated in the spelling bee.

The chairman of the occasion was Dr. Ogungbule - Lecturer in the department of English and Literary Studies. And chiefly present was the elegantly, verbally, grammatically and accurately conscious HOD of the department - Prof. Ogunkoya. In his brief talk with the students present, "we are not there yet in the area of infrastructural facilities at OAU" but "there has been remarkable developments within Nasels", he said. He continued by telling the students of Nasels present "the contract for the departmental library has been approved and it shall be tiled and WIFI shall be installed there", he explained, for easier access to the world wide web (www) for information collection and for increasing the height and weight and breath and length of our horizon as learning students. He encouraged students to be watchful of lecturers not doing well enough to have them reported for changes and also reminded the students to use their given quota well.

In furtherance, some of the topics debated on, live at the level of the meeting were: "Considering output, do you think OAU is currently positioned to produce seasoned graduates" whilst the topic for the written essay was "The Scientific Maximum Shishi (SMS) as a means of curbing social vices among OAU students has lost its effectiveness in recent times (Essay)" and on spelling bee, a lot of hard words strange words were asked to be spelt like oakum and the like.

Moreover, about the winners, Egedegbe Gracious won the Essay (written) and bagged home N10,000 - half of his next sessions's fees and Adeyemo Emmanuel won the debate and bagged the same worth Gracious's. All of the contestants went back with gifts, none left without one thing or the other to show.

Finally, I would say, contesting or competing in life in general view, ought not to be with the aim of winning or taking back home awards or the gifts if that is allowed but ought to be partaking with the positive mindset - to do all within one's might, for the better of self and for the best of the society we all are going to go and mix up with when we are done here.
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