Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I Was Not Allowed To Defend Myself - Suspended NUASA Financial Secretary

The Suspended Financial Secretary of the Nigerian Universities Accounting Students' Association, Obafemi Awolowo University chapter, Oladeji Opeyemi a.k.a Sanctified has voiced out that his suspension from office came without affording him to say his own side of the story.

The Press Statement made available to us stated categorically how Honourable Tbams made a false allegation against him which the Speaker also fell for. Below is the full Statement:


Good day to all the ever-courteous Nuasites, I really appreciate the support (financially, materially, physically, spiritually and strategically) during the election to the post of financial secretary of our prestigious association, thanks to all.

Let me start by saying this, an elder that makes use of one side hearing to judge a situation, does not have what it takes to be a good elder.

This issue on ground can be traced to last administration, in which there was a big fight between the executives and the house of representatives which almost led to proscription of the association but all thanks to the personalities that pleaded, from the beginning of our administration, the executives’ resolution is to behave very calmly towards any aggressive or annoying way the house of representative may react to us, in order for what happened in last administration not to re-occur in our administration, We all complied to this, but this actually has given a wide open space to the house of representatives, in which the Executives have not been given the full Nose to breathe, but our main goal is to finish well in spite of any threat or downfall.

As regards the suspension of the Financial Secretary, since the beginning of the association, I have been asked to present the financial report of the association in which I did reply to every single time they requested for it and that summed up to six (6) times of preparing financial statement, which has not been easy on my part(other financial matters to be attended to) in which dis-allowed me to publish my financial statement for the whole Nuasites to see how their money is being spent because I needed an approval from house before publishing it.

On this very day of suspension, I presented two financial statements, the first financial statement runs from the beginning of the administration till 15th of November 2015 and the second one runs from 16th of November 2015 till 22nd January 2016, (a day before the sitting) and all the bank statements I was requested to bring were with me, but when honorable Tbams made some false allegations against me concerning negligence of duties and motion of suspension, the speaker of the house in person of Afilaka Olumiyuwa A. aka Papiloo did not give me any CHANCE before the suspension motion was moved and validated, to defend myself of the false allegations.
In other words, the financial secretary was suspended based on sentimental judgement or decision made by some of the honorables.

Greatest Nuasites, Articulate Nuasites, please I want you to debunk any news concerning the reason of the suspension that the financial secretary was negligent, inconsistent and incompetent of his duties which is not so, because the speaker of the house in person of Afilaka Olumiyuwa A. aka Papilo has threatened me face to face that I will have issues which actually came to past, which can only mean a sentimental decision for suspending me as the Financial Secretary.

I have been serving Nuasites with my whole heart and effort which I promised on the manifesto night, but my striving effort to continue doing this was truncated by the house of representatives due to the sentimental judgement that was made.


Signed by:
Oladeji Opeyemi aka Sanctified

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