Monday, 29 February 2016

OAU Health Centre Issues Situation Report Over Increased Sick Students

The Health Centre of Obafemi Awolowo University has issued a situation report today on the widely reported increase in number of sick students of the institution. The report allays fear of a possible outbreak of a viral disease in the institution.

"This is to inform the university community in particular and the nation in general, that there is no virus outbreak of a new disease in the university community. The news on social media by one faceless “Dr. Ilesanmi” is false and unfounded.

There is no Doctor by the name Ilesanmi in our Health Centre, and we do not have residents.

The few students that were attended to were cases of malaria and exam stress coupled with heat from climate change.

The university community is hereby informed that there is no cause for alarm."

Do You Know; An Online Shopping With No Scammers

Online marketplaces can be considered a real revolution in the field of commerce. They aren’t a new thing already, for such websites have been around for a while already. During the latest years they have become probably the most popular shopping site. Marketplaces aggregate items and services from a variety of providers, which leads to a huge selection of stuff. The availability of things is higher, and prices are more competitive. This is how every e-commerce website works; this is what you need to know about the biggest Nigerian classifieds named

In addition to a considerable number of advantages, you can be sure there aren’t many scammers, who are also attracted to similar services searching for easy money. On Jiji, we always check every seller, who has to pass verification before starting to use the website. If it somehow happens that a wrong person does it, we are always ready to block this user if someone reports about his suspicious activity. By suspicious we mean, for example, asking for a payment in advance. Nevertheless, we check whether it is really so or it is just some jealous opponent trying to sell his similar products faster.

The list of scammers is available on the website. During previous year, we detected and blocked nearly 20,000 scammers before they can harm other users or our reputation. And speaking about positive numbers, we’ve got over 400,000 new users and over half a million adverts. The website is developing and growing. And you may be the next lucky person to benefit from it.

NOTE: This post is a sponsored article.

Increased Sickness On OAU Campus Is More Of Spiritual Than Physical – UJCM

The University Joint Christian Mission, UJCM of Obafemi Awolowo University has described the current increased rate of sickness reported on campus as a spiritual issue that has to be dealt with and sent back to where it came from.

The umbrella body of the Christian fellowships on campus in a circulated broadcast churned out by the body's Prayer Coordinator has however fixed 10:00pm today, Monday to pray against the plaque of illness at White Wall.

“There will be an urgent and very important prayer meeting by 10pm tomorrow (Monday) at white Wall. What is happening on Campus is more of spiritual than physical, this plaque of illness has to be dealt with. Let us send back the spirit to where it came from.” a part of the broadcast reads.

2015/2016 Lagos State Undergraduate Scholarship Award Scheme

The Lagos State Scholarship Board is the agency in charge of scholarship, bursary and other related matters within the state.

It grants Scholarship awards to deserving indigenes in various tertiary institutions for full time studies in order to assist these students financially.

Before Applying Please Read
Applicant must be a Lagos State Indigene studying in any tertiary institutions across the country
All applicants are required to make a Payment of N2,000.00 for Local Scholarship through the Office of Special Adviser on Education, Alausa Secretariat.

Then take the treasury receipt to the Lagos State Scholarship Board to secure their secret voucher pins for online application. Application will not be processed without evidence of treasury receipt.

Ensure you correctly fill in the application form and click on "Apply Now" button to complete your application.

Applications will be done through this portal only, hard copy applications will not be processed.

Short-listed candidates for the qualifying test on 12th and 13th April, 2016 will be invited by email and SMS text messages. All applicants are therefore advised to ensure that valid GSM telephone numbers and personal email addresses are properly entered into the e-forms on the portal.

Carefully read the Requirement/Eligibility, How To Apply and Frequently Asked Questions pages for more details

Application deadline is 1st April, 2016.


1. All applicants must have gained full time admission into an accredited Nigerian tertiary Institution.
2. All Under-graduate applicants:
i. Where CGPA scale is 7.0 (e.g University of Ibadan) he /she must possess a minimum of 4.9/7.0
ii. Where CGPA scale is 5.0 (e.g University of Lagos) he /she must possess a minimum of 3.5/5.0
iii. Where CGPA scale is 4.0 (e.g polytechnics and colleges of education) he /she must possess a Minimum of 2.8/4.0
iv. Where applicant is a medical student in 200L, option i, ii and iii applies
v. Where applicant is a medical student in 300L and above a minimum of Credit is required in their result
3. All applicants must be in their second year or above
4. All applicants must have completed LASRRA Registration
5. All applicants must have a signed letter of identification from their respective Oba
6. All applicants must have a signed letter of identification from their respective local government
7. All applicants must purchase a Scholarship application form. (Payment of N2,000.00 for Local Scholarship) through the Office of Special Adviser on Education, Block 5, 3rd Floor, Alausa Secretariat.
8. All applicants must upload clear scanned copies of all documents to ascertain the genuineness of their claims. Documents like:
i. Admission Letter
ii. School Identity Card or Valid means of school identification
iii. Letter of identification from Oba
iv. Letter of identification from Local Government
v. SSCE result
vi. Lagos State Resident Registration Agency(LASSRA) registration card
vii. Passport Photograph (clear background not older than three months).
viii. Transcript or Result statement duly signed and stamped from school stating previous session CGPA results clearly
9. Shortlisted applicant must participate in a Computer Based Test on 12th and 13th April, 2016 conducted by Dragnet Solutions Limited in conjunction with Lagos State Scholarship Board.
10. Successful tested applicants will be contacted for oral interview
11. Application deadline is 1st April, 2016.

1. Before you start this application, ensure you have purchased a Scholarship application form (Payment of N2,000.00 for Local Scholarship) through the Office of Special Adviser on Education, Block 5, 3rd Floor, Alausa Secretariat then secure your Voucher pin from the Scholarship Board office. Thereafter, have clear scanned copies of the following documents:

Passport photograph with white background not more than 3 months old (450px by 450px not more than 200kb)
Treasury receipt of N2,000 for the scholarship form
Admission Letter
School Identity Card
SSCE Certificate
Letter of identification from Oba
Letter of identification from Local Government
LASSRA registration card
Transcript or Statement of Results duly signed and stamped from school stating previous session CGPA results clearly

2. Ensure that information are filled accurately to avoid mix up after application
3. Ensure the documents are named according to what they represent to avoid mixing up documents during upload
4. Ensure you attach the appropriate documents when asked to upload

To apply, follow the steps below:
1. Click on "Apply Now" tab.
2. Click on "Register Now" to create an account.
3. Proceed to your email box to activate your account
4. Click on to return to Scholarship site
5. Enter your registered email and password to upload your information.
6. Enter your personal information, additional information, educational information, other information and upload required scanned documents.
7. Ensure the name used in applications matches the names on all documentation in same order. Upload a sworn affidavit or certificate if otherwise.
8. Ensure you view all documents after uploading, to eliminate errors during uploading.
9. When asked to upload photo, upload a pass-port photograph with a white background.
10. Recheck application information to avoid errors
11. Click "Apply Now" to submit information and provide the secret voucher pin and LASSRA Number in the appropriate column
12. You will receive an email and a sms that confirms your application was successful.
13. Return to, enter your Email and Password to download your profile and proceed to have your Head of Department sign the document.
14. Upload a scanned copy of the signed profile, this would be used for verification.
15. Keep the hard copy of the signed profile, this would also be used for verification.

16. Return to and update application with National Identification Number (NIN) to ensure completion

To secure your voucher pin proceed to the Lagos Scholarship Board office, 254 Ipaja road, Agege, Lagos and show them your treasury receipt.

Note: Multiple applications attract a disqualification penalty from the Scholarship board

Fear Grips OAU As Sick Students Increase

Over the past few days, many students of Obafemi Awolowo University have been in a poor state of health. Some of the symptoms shared among these ailing students are headache, fever, general weakness of the body and vomiting. Our assessment of situation reveals that at least one person in every two rooms on the campus and also outside the campus is down with this rampaging sickness.

The OAU Health Centre which is the primary health care unit on the campus has also recorded an increase in its clientele in the last few days due to this sudden rise in sickness, some of the affected students have also traveled home for better treatment.

In the wake of the recent sporadic increase in the number of students admitted by the health centre of the university and the rumoured outbreak of disease on campus, OAU Peeps News Agency correspondents who visited the health centre to ascertain the veracity of the increase found out that many of the students there have similar ailment symptoms, this making majority to think it is an endemic.

Speaking to our correspondent, the doctor on duty attending to students said it is neither an outbreak nor endemic. According to the doctor, “the students are sick due to stress and the unfavourable weather we have been experiencing for some days now.

Students that have been attended to were seen with a common anti malaria drug called 'ATMAL PLUS 80/480'. There is however a decrease in the number of students who came for treatment at the health centre on Sunday.

Reports have also shown that some students have missed test due to illness and have been taken to private hospitals for proper treatment while some have travelled home. A low turnout of members in some campus fellowships today has also been linked by some students as a result of the current health state of many students on campus.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

OYA OAU 100: Meet The 15 Most Outstanding Students In Media

OYA Magazine on February 1, 2016 released a list of 100 students who shaped Obafemi Awolowo University in 2015 comprising of 15 most outstanding students in Media. Lukmon Fasasi profiles these campus media influencers as follows.

1. Toblan Spice
Arguably one of the rare journalists on OAU campus. Damilola Toblan is one of the students that shaped OAU in 2015. A political journalist and the Editor-in-chief of the OAU_olofofo news platform, is currently in his penultimate year in the faculty of Law. His seasoned reports and critical analysis of the Student Union’s governance brought him to lime light. He was part of the media personality, who interviewed the school PRO Abiodun Olanrewaju, during the first mid-semester break last semester.

2. DeRoj
Aderoju Odewale, is one of the foremost students on – air – personality of our generation. DeRoj, who work at both Great FM and Crown FM as a presenter has been recognized both home and nationally. He was nominated for OYA and Oscar Awards 2015. Fresh graduate, DeRoj is the proud owner of Royals Media.

3. Prince Adetula
A budding plant scientist, David Adetula, is a journalist and the founder of OAU Peeps News Agency. He is definitely a campus shaper whose reports cannot be rebutted. OAU Peeps was the first news agency to expose the incumbent Student Union General Secretary, Seun Okeetooto’s failure to meet up with the election requirements.

4. Timi Agbaje
The Seal Magazine Boss Timi Agbaje, is arguably a human behaviour psychologist. He brought in ‘The Seal’ into OAU free. At the commencement of operation, many said that the seal can’t stay -wondering where Timi is making is profit. Today ‘The Seal’ magazine is one of the best read magazine on OAU campus.

5. Lukmon Fasasi
Arguably this is one of the persons you do not want to mess with on OAU campus. Lukmon Fasasi’s Blog can make and mar you. Most controversial OAU blogger, Lukmon Fasasi, is currently in his penultimate year in the department of Management and Accounting. His direct source of information and raw ways of reporting has been recognized locally and nationally. He was almost mobbed by protesting NASU member in June. Lukmon Fasasi, is the proud organiser of Nigeria Internet Business Conference.

6. KvngBrainard
The name KvngBrainard, is constantly showing on people’s twitter timeline at a range of 3-10mins. Oni Oluwatobi, is definitely OAU students tweep, who controls over 12k followers on twitter. Though, many people don’t even know his real name, but the twitter handle always rings bell.

7. Yemi Olutoye
The brain behind, OYA award’s blog of the year winner is no doubt the best writer on OAU campus that tweet most. Yemi, an Economics student in his third year showed this, when he organized the first ever social media conference on OAU.

8. GominaDavidi
Adesina David, despite his challenges has taken up ‘more than leadership positions’. The class governor of Economics part 3 class is influential online (twitter) and offline. He has volunteered as a social media handler for different events on OAU campus including the just concluded Microsoft Hello Cloud presentation.

9. Sodiq Oyeleke
A Punch newspaper reporter, the president of English Department, Sodiq Oyeleke, burst media-sphere, when he exposed the N600k Student Union president planned trip to the US last semester and another media blast between the Student Union executives and the English language professor, Y. K Yusuf also got Sodiq, into word brawl with the union’s PRO Emmanuel Kant and President Omotayo Akande .

10. Olanrewaju Oyedeji
A Premium Times reporter and President of Insider Group. He is an investigative reporter whose works spans through Obafemi Awolowo University and beyond. Also currently the Chairman Guild of Editors ACJOAU and National Chairman Association of Nigerian Campus Editors, he exposed the un-audited accounts of Obafemi Awolowo University and also played a pivotal role in exposing scholarship scam of OAU SU. He spearheaded hosting of campus Editors summit attended by several universities in OAU in the year 2015.

11. Hero
Definitely OAU students whatsappers would recognize Kehinde Olaniyan, by his daily microblogging platform – Beyondwatch. Kehinde is the first creator of whatsapp blog on OAU campus. He gathers and disseminates daily headlines for students on OAU and beyond it. According to reports – Beyondwatch is been read in Unilorin, UI and 8 other Nigeria varsities.

12. Lukmon Akintola
Avocks, as some people call him – Lukmon Akintola, is a Pmnews journalist, whose jurisdiction lies on OAU campus and the editor-in-chief of the DSNA – an International Relations Students Association’s news agency. DSNA got boosted under Lukmon, by having it own blogsite and daily whatsapp headlines broadcast DSNA Alert . He has shaped OAU in his own way by giving out first news headlines broadcast as early as 5:30am daily.

13. Azeez Olalekan
The Gossip Nation boss Azeez Olalekan, has been consistent on this list as far back 2013. Azeez, is OAU’s No. 1 social media influencer. The founder of @OAU_gossipz twitter and facebook page, bursted twitter-sphere in December, when he launched the hashtag OAUstories. Till date OAUstories is trending both on twitter and facebook with over 1million retweets and shares.

14. Adebayo Benjamin
ProlificBen, as he his been referred to is the president of the Association of campus journalist OAU . Adebayo Benjamin’s proficiency in spoken English makes him standout always. He has shaped OAU, by resurrecting campus journalism to its former status in the 90s. Though, Ben has been harassed severally by union’s thugs, he his undeterred and currently working on taking ACJOAU to the university press council.

15. Tolulope Oloyede
Her lovely radio voice would make you stay glued to Great FM, whenever she’s been aired Thursdays, despite the boringness of the station . De_Mhaile, presents on Great FM. That aside, Tolulope Oloyede, is one of the best female freelancer on OAU campus. Her reports cum her all watermarked pictures of covered events have been published by virtually all blogsites on the campus. Tolulope, was the official reporter for the 2015 Unilever cooking competition.

Photo Credit: EU Media Futures Forum

Our Disappearing Green: Curbing the Menace (Nigeria As A Case Study)

“Wasting-away is inevitable, unless appreciation is embraced and conservation practiced”

Green is more than just a colour. Green is a divine natural beauty. With greenness come peace, calmness and serenity. Green/greenness as employed in the context of this discussion doesn’t define colour, rather it depicts the plants of this world – the members of the Kingdom Plantae.

Green plants, one of the pioneer creations of God, cut across the universe as they are supported by a wide range of habitats and environmental conditions. The usefulness of plants can not be over emphasized. The natural processes of green plants protect our planet and supply the air we breathe and the water we drink. This is an attestation to the slogan of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BOTANY STUDENTS (NABOS) that says “Plant is life”. Apart from this germane importance, the early man discovered eminent uses of the species of the Kingdom Plantae. They include being a source of job (farming), a major food source, and source of raw materials for shelter, clothing and construction. Others are; for beautification of the environment, medicine for ailments and other extensive uses. These uses were employed in easing and enhancing life, a trend that still continues till date.

Nigeria of the early days was a land bestowed with vast collection of plants thereby making greenness really prominent. This is evident in our national flag and Coat of Arms initiated at independence. The green on the flag depicts the nation’s natural wealth. Likewise, on the Coat of Arms, the grassy field with yellow flowers - Costus spectabilis at the base shows the beauty conferred on the nation by plants. Also, the land races of many important plant crops now grown worldwide were thought to have originated from Nigeria. Such plants include: Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor), Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata), West Africa rice (Oryza sativa), Yams (Dioscorea spp.) and others. Nigeria has a wide diversity of habitats (both on land and in water), hence diverse plant species. Two prominent types of vegetation are found in Nigeria: the Forests (which spread over the South) and Savannah/Grasslands (which spread over the North).

Nigeria has continued to develop over time, undergoing numerous processes of change. Some of these changes have adversely affected the natural composition of living things, especially plants and animals. This situation, which has been continuously neglected, has aggravated and is fast turning Nigeria into a nation with eroding natural endowment. Our green is drastically disappearing, a serious problem that needs urgent attention. This predicament, if care is not taken, is capable of tampering with the citizens’ wellbeing.

The problem of disappearing green in Nigeria can be attributed to various causes ranging from emergence of petroleum as the major source of national income, continued over-extraction of forest products, high levels of domestic wood consumption, desertification, and anemic reforestation efforts. Others are: rapid rural-urban migration, vegetation burning, massive urbanization and industrialization, ignorance/misinformation of the populace, and poor conservation culture.

According to a 1992 Federal Environmental Protection Agency Country study, Nigeria inhabits more than 848 algae species in marine and fresh water, about 5,103 higher plant species and more than 200 lower plants. Food and Agricultural Organization - FAO in their Country Report of Nigeria published in 1996 (four years later) identified over 4,600 plant species throughout Nigeria and listed 205 as endemic (i.e. found in a particular locality only). Out of these, over 496 species representing about 11% are threatened (i.e. susceptible to extinction in a short time, except they are conserved). The high difference in plants population in the two reports within such short period, coupled with the high population of threatened species, underlines the earlier assertion that greenness is truly vanishing in the country.

A report of the Forest Resource Situation Assessment of Nigeria, sponsored by European Union and FAO (2002), showed Nigeria has a total land mass of 923, Out of this land mass, the percentages occupied by various plant species have significantly reduced over a period of 1976/78 to 1993/95. These reductions were attributed to:

- Increased natural land mass used for extensive and intensive agriculture (55.8% in 1976/78 and 60.6% in 1993/95).
- Decreased land mass covered by grasses ( 12.5% in 1976/78 and 9% in 1993/95)
- Decreased land mass covered by trees/woodland/shrubs ( 16.6% in 1976/78 and 9% in 1993/95)
- Decreased land mass covered by Undisturbed forests (2.9% in 1976/78 and 1.3% in 1993/95)
- Decreased land mass covered by Disturbed forests (1.6% in 1876/78 and 2.1% in 1993/95)
- Annual deforestation rate recorded at 2.6% during 1990 to 2000.

Moving away from facts and figures, even our everyday life and immediate environment bares this huge problem. Our environment is getting devoid of greenness day by day. Our today’s world sees more reasons not to keep plants and fewer reasons to keep them. We no longer have flowers planted along our major high ways, and even when planted, they look unkempt as ever. The days of having a beautiful landscape display of different edges plants in strategic places of the town are long gone. House owners plant neither trees nor flowers in their compounds anymore, despite having large acres of space confined to motor-parking and fun-seeking purposes. No more in-house gardens where we can get our vegetables in their freshest form.

These problems can not be solved overnight. However, certain measures and strategies can be applied to rescue the deteriorating situation. One of these measures is proper conservation. Plants are precious gift from God to mankind, a natural resource requiring effective and suitable management hence the need to conserve them. Plants’ conservation can be done in their natural setting (In-Situ Conservation) or artificially outside their natural habitats (Ex-Situ Conservation). These two methods are the most popular, but it is a widely accepted view that the later is more cost-effective. The government needs to renew efforts towards conservation of plants, especially in their natural form (as seen in our various National Forest Reserves). Undiscovered natural forests need to be discovered with the aim of guarding them against over-exploitation. The discovered ones also need proper maintenance and conservation.

Another way out is the proper orientation of the rural populace. More than 70% of the Nigerian people are rural dwellers who depend on agriculture and forest resources for survival. Proper orientation of these people on the usefulness of keeping plants alive will go a long way in preserving greenness. Government should also follow this up by improving their lives by providing social amenities and alternative means of livelihood. This will greatly reduce the rate at which the forests are being over-exploited. The urban populace is not exempted too. There is need to educate them about the importance of having greenness around them, starting from our school curriculums. Proper sensitization of the populace on beneficial programs like tree planting, environmental beautification through landscaping, garden keeping and other related acts should be put in place. Seeds/Seedlings of trees and flowers should be made available for free or at a very subsidized rate as a form of encouragement.

Forest regeneration and proper management can also help in placating the situation. Unless there is regeneration and sustained yield to balance harvests, the depletion of forests is bound to continue. The government of today is revenue-oriented, even at the expense of sustained yield. Planted forests should be extended in a bid to cover up for the lost grounds and incentives provided to encourage people to embark on regeneration.

The relationship between man and plants has always changed with socio-economic development and will certainly continue to change unless quick actions are taken. Such actions include development of better urbanization frameworks by government and individuals. These frameworks must be a well organized one that will make compulsory trees and flowers planting in and around buildings. The scheme must also entail proper management of industrial and urban wastes as these also add to overall degradation of the land, making it unsuitable for plant habitation. Policies that will frown at indiscriminate plants and plant products exploitation should also be formed, while ensuring the enforcement of the same.

The above discussed solutions, if applied, are sure to restore normalcy to the situation and make green plants prominent like before. Plants are a must for mankind to survive, a more reason we should do all we can to keep them alive and around.

Written by:
OYETUNJI Ridwan Abiola,
Department of Botany,
O. A.U, Ile-Ife.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Naira-Dollar Fluctuation Affects Prices Of Commodities On OAU Campus

At any slightest chance and opportunity, prices of goods are now been increased on Obafemi Awolowo University. When you ask sellers the reason behind the increment in prices of commodities, they seem to have no two songs except for a single response; dollar has affected the prices. Then one begins to wonder if we spend naira or dollar in Nigeria.

Taking a close look at the prices of basic and the most consumed goods; a sachet water which sells at N5 in January now costs N10. If you want to take your meal with boiled egg at any restaurant in OAU today, you will need to pay N40 as against the former N30.

The seemingly recent one is the increment in prices of various sizes of bread. Breads now sell for N80 and N60 depending on size signalling a N10 rise in price. The hungry man size of noodles is now been sold for N120-N130. Obviously, the effect of weakened naira is felt.

This increment cut across several goods and services while some are on the verge of been increased. Our study indicates that drivers now complain of the unavailability of premium motor spirit, hence, the consideration of increment of fare cost. As at the time of filing this report, students travelling from Ile-Ife to Akure pay N800 as against the initial N700. Obviously, almost every sphere of life has been affected.

Even as prices of commodities continue to skyrock in OAU, students are of the opinion that the unavailability of an organized student body to check perceived excesses of the buyer may lead to unnecessary exploitation.

At the moment, dollars continue to gain strength even as Naira weakens; a dollar still prices well above N300 at the parallel market.

19 OAU Students Get Scholarship

Nineteen students of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in Ile-Ife, Osun State have won the scholarship of Deacon Oluwole Alle Memorial Egbe Omo Oduduwa, a United States-based socio-cultural organisation.

The beneficiaries, with the highest Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), were among students from eight Yoruba-speaking states of Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara and Kogi.

The OAU Deputy Director of Linkages and Sponsored Research, Prof Bukky Ojo, advised the beneficiaries to face their studies and make good grades to justify the financial investments of the sponsor.

Congratulating the beneficiaries, the Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Prof Kehinde Taiwo, urged them to use the scholarship to enhance their academic experiences.

She said: “The people who sent you this huge amount of money have denied themselves of some luxury in order to help you achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams. You must not engage in anything that would truncate the lofty ideas you have set for yourselves, thereby rendering the scholarship useless.”

The Dean, Students’ Affairs, Dr. Lateefat Durosimi, congratulated the awardees, encouraging other students to study hard to benefit from similar gestures.

President of the Pharmacy Students Association Tunde Okoya hailed the donor for the gesture, promising that the students would justify the scholarship by working hard to achieve academic excellence.

In a related development, 10 students have benefited from a merit award scheme of Etisalat Nigeria. The beneficiaries are eight 200-Level students and two 300-Level students. They had their bank accounts credited with the scholarship funds.

They are Ayodele Israel Aduragbemi with a CGPA of 5.00; Janet Ilori, CGPA 4.95; Yusuf Tijani, CGPA 4.90; Boluwatife Adelowo CGPA 4.90; Oluchi Ikezogwo, CGPA 4.88; Chukwufunmnanya Ogbobu, CGPA 4.79; Thompson Ajayi, CGPA 4.56; Kehinde Emmanuel, CGPA 4.51; Olanrewaju Osunkunle, CGPA 4.43 and Michael Afolabi, CGPA 4.43.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof Bamitale Omole, praised the students for their brilliance, urging them to study hard to achieve academic excellence.

Source: The Nation

Fatoyinbo Gafar, Others Dismissed From OAU Peeps News Agency

This is to inform the general public that the following members of OAU Peeps News Agency have been dismissed:

Fatoyinbo Gafar
Raji Oluwatobilola
Akindolani Olawumi
Akinola Kehinde
Ademola Olaoluwa

This is part of the resolutions made during the agency’s last meeting in a bid to restructure the news outfit for expected delivery.

The agency hereby urge members of the public especially Obafemi Awolowo University community to note this change. Any inconvenience that may arise after now will not be a responsibility of OAU Peeps News Agency. Thanks


2016 JAMB UTME Scores Will Be Released In 30 Minutes - Ojerinde

The Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB, Prof. Dibu Ojerinde has stated that candidates participating in the 2016 Computer based Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations, UTME, will get their results after 30 minutes of the examination.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the examination, Ojerinde said that candidates will receive a graphical result of the test via SMS on their mobile phone numbers which they provided during registration. However, the JAMB boss added that the specific scores will be released within the period of four days and would be checked online.

The JAMB Registrar, Prof. Dibu Ojerinde, in a statement issued on Friday disclosed the enrollment statistics of candidates from different states in the country.

According to the statement, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Zamfara and Yobe states have the lowest number of candidates enrollment with figures at 5,069, 7,254 and 12,079, respectively. Imo, Osun and Oyo states are said to have the highest number of applications with the figures, 102,727, 83,060 and 81,06, respectively.

The JAMB boss also revealed that the number of applicants this year increased by One Hundred and Thirteen Thousand, Six Hundred and Seventy-three (113,673) applicants when compared with last year's figure. However, the JAMB boss added that the specific scores will be released within the period of four days and would be checked online.

Analyzing the statistics of UTME registration, Ojerinde said there had been a steady decline since 2013 when the CBT was introduced. In 2013, about 1.7 million people registered for UTME, in 2014, the number fell to 1.6 million, while about 1.4 million registered in 2015 examination. However, this year the numbers of candidates who registered has increased to over 1.5 million.

Source: Campus Portal

Ooni Declares Ife As Tourism Zone, Calls For Support

The Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II, has officially declared Ile-Ife as a tourism zone and called for the support of individuals, groups, government and entire Africans to support him realise the dream.

Oba Ogunwusi made the declaration during a summit at the Oduduwa Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, on Friday.

He said Ile-Ife was blessed with natural and mineral resources and endowed with tourist attractions, “and that is why I planned to use the sites to create wealth and improve infrastructure for Ile-Ife and the Yoruba land.

“Ile-Ife has a peculiar advantage because it is established in one of the world acclaimed centres and source of renowned world civilisation.

“The ancient town is one of the cities in sub-Sharan African with largest concentration of archaeological sites where both foreign and local archaeologists got objects like bronze, terracotta, precious stones and beads.”

The monarch urged all and sundry to be proud of their heritage and culture and to enlighten people about the difference between religion and culture.

According to him, foreigners love the Yoruba culture, citing Brazilians as speaking Yoruba language, while Cuba, among others, claim to be originally from Ile-Ife.

The Oba called on government and well meaning Nigerians to collectively maintain peaceful coexistence in making Ile-Ife a tourist zone, so as to find another means of boosting the nation’s economy.

Babajide Omoworare the senator representing Osun East Senatorial District, commended the Oba “in reawakening the Yoruba culture, art and tradition using Ile-Ife, the cradle and some of Yoruba civilisation as the spring board.”

Mr. Omoworare added that Ile-Ife was blessed with rich culture, abundant tourism sites, solid minerals and agricultural produce. (NAN)

2016 Agbami Scholarship Application Is Out

Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited, a Chevron company and operator of the Agbami Field, in its continuous support for capacity building in the health and engineering sectors as a strategic feed into the national manpower pool, is offering a number of University Scholarship Awards to qualified Nigerian students from ALL states of the Federation. The scholarship program, funded by Star and its Agbami co-venturers, is a major component of their Social Investment in the strategic development of health and education in Nigeria.

Applications are invited from FULL-TIME, 100 and 200 level undergraduates from any state of the Federation, studying any of the under listed courses in universities within Nigeria:

Medicine & Surgery

Application closes Midnight 9th March, 2016

Please note that applicants for the Agbami scholarship are ineligible to apply for any other scholarship program sponsored by “STAR” or any of its Co-venturers, including the NNPC/CNL JV scholarship program published simultaneously with the Agbami scholarship program.

Selected students will be invited for computer-administered qualifying tests in selected examination centers nationwide. Short-listed candidates for the qualifying test will be invited by email and SMS text messages. All applicants are therefore advised to ensure that valid GSM telephone numbers and personal email addresses are properly entered into the e-forms on the web site.
Application is open to full-time 100 or 200 level students admitted during 2015/2016 or 2014/2015 academic session only.
1. Before you start this application, ensure you have clear scanned copies of the following documents:
Passport photograph with white background not more than 3 months old (450px by 450px not more than 200kb)
School ID card
Admission Letter
Birth Certificate
O’ Level Result
JAMB Result
Local Government Area Letter of Identification

2. Ensure the documents are named according to what they represent to avoid mixing up documents during upload

3. Ensure you attach the appropriate documents when asked to upload

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FRESH: OAU Additional List Of Admitted Candidates 2015/2016 Out On JAMB Portal

This is to inform all 2015 aspirants of University of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) that another supplementary list of admitted candidates for 2015/2016 session has been uploaded on JAMB's website.

Candidates are to check their admission status on JAMB website now via

On behalf of OAU Peeps News Agency, congratulations to the newly admitted candidates.

OAU Uncovers Admission Fraud

The management of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile- Ife, has uncovered a syndicate specialised in defrauding parents and candidates seeking admission into the institution.

The school called on parents and guardians of candidates seeking admission into the institution to be wary of the fraudsters who parade themselves as our admission officers in the university.

A statement by the Public Relations Officer of the university, Abiodun Olarewaju, said a man, Omodele Taiwo, had been arrested by security operatives of the university after claiming to be an admission officer of the school.

Mr. Olarewaju disclosed that Mr. Omodele had already defrauded two parents seeking admission for their children to the tune of N600,000.

“Omodele’s attempt to collect N100,000 from his two victims, who are parents of the two candidates (names withheld) eventually led to his arrest,” he said.

“Upon interrogation, he admitted committing the crime and collecting the money, but blamed the devil for pushing him into the act.

“In view of this, OAU management wishes to emphasise that we do not ask parents, guardians or candidates to pay for admission, nor do we ask them to pay into individuals’ bank account to secure admission.”

Mr. Olarewaju admonished parents and guardians of candidates seeking admission into OAU not to be too desperate to be looking for shortcut, so as not to fall victims of fraudsters.

Source: Premium Times

UTME Commences Today As Over 1.5M Candidates Register To Take Exam

The Registrar of JAMB has stated that a total of 1,589,175 candidates applied to write JAMB this 2016.

In his statement, He also confirmed that the exams are slated to begin on 27th Feb, 2016 and would last for a total of 14 days.

He also said that the minimum cut-off to certify entry into any institution is 180 Marks, but any institution is allowed to raise their entry cut-off based on their internal requirements such as course or number of applicants. This was reached and agreed in a meeting in which the Minister of Education Chaired.

We at OAU Peeps News Agency wish our friends who are candidates the best the examination.

KWARA DAY: OAU Kwara State Students Hold Day

The National Asoociation Of Kwara State Students (NAKSS)have earmarked the 26th and 27th of February, 2016 for a two-day program.

The first day of the program (26th February) tagged SKILL ACQUISITION DAY will feature trainings on various skills and vocations. It is slated to hold at Law 209 by 4pm. The aim is to create entrepreneurs in the likes of Aliko Dangote.

The second day of the program (27th February 2016) which is the main event will take place at PIT THEATER. Invited speakers include Dr (mrs) Oloyede from Oyun Local Government, Kwara State; Chairman, Nigeria Union of Teacher, Kwara State Chapter.

The special guests of honour are
(1) AMB. YAHAYA SERIKI FATAI (peace ambassador)
(2) Engr. (Prince) WOLE ABEGUNLE (regional manager International Tobacco Company)

To compere the events are, Shomodavies and Showbaba.

It promises to be memorable.

Friday, 26 February 2016

50..40..10: The Divine Proportion- Pope Jay

Yes! I missed you too!
It has indeed been a while since I have indeed enjoyed the pleasure of your readership and the reason for this is not farfetched: The demanding nature of our prestigious citadel of learning, especially that of the Faculty at the end of the road where everybody seeks a ride. However, I just had to sneak out of my literary exile to author this piece.

 I recall almost very vivdly that as a freshman, I had a number of friends in Angola Hall and hence, if I wasn’t in class, I was almost always at the hall of residence. One of the places where we paid nature’s price was at Mama Ayo’s  Restaurant aka Afrika. The Restaurant was popular for her scrumptious jollof rice and more for the affordability of the food she sold. I remember meeting the names of my friends and colleagues in the restaurants record book and knowing who and who to borrow money from. Being a true illegitimate son of Awo Hall, I almost always went to Mama Ayo’s for one thing: Bread and Beans! And towards the end of the semester when the Economic tides changed for the better, I had already developed a perfect formula for the purchase of this rather divine combination: Bread-50, Beans-40, Satchet Water-10.
 I do not want to bore you with the unnecesary details of my difficult times, I simply want to emphasise a very important phenomena which is often overlooked in our day to day activities: Proportion. Have you ever stopped to wonder why you would need just a pinch of salt for a lot of pinches of rice? Or How one #50 bread, #40 beans; bought to have money for water, and #10 satchet water; bought because of the difficulty in getting #5 change can make a young mans day?

Proportion is simply defined as the relationship between quantites and Nature itself is a combination of a lot of things and its perfection is simply in the proportion in which these substances exist.  Some Mystics even believe the perfect proportion to be the “Divine Proportion”; the proposition that the constant 1.618 is more recurent in nature than we actually know is quite interesting. The divine Proportion has been linked to Da Vinci and a number of other artists and scientists. However, I want to believe the perfect proportion for everyman is not fixed. For me it was simply 50..40..10 (at least before this increase in the price of bread and pure water). Find your divine proportion today and you might just discover perfection yourself!

Pope Jay

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Health Tips For The Hot Weather

The hot season is a period, were there is extreme hotness and heating in the climate. It is very important to stay healthy during the hot season, because there are a number of heat-related diseases that could occur during such period.

Also, during such periods of extremely hot weather, you can also get uncomfortable and sweat a lot.

The climate seems to get hotter each year.

How can you avoid the illnesses associated with this hot weather? How can you generally stay healthy this hot season? Stay tuned.

Diseases associated with hot season
They are also known as heat-related diseases.
These are diseases that occur when or due to extreme heat in the environment. They include:

1. Heat cramps.
2. Heat exhaustion
3. Heat Stroke
4. Heat Rashes
5. Meningitis (can be worsened in cases of severely hot weather).

They are certain groups of people who are at higher risk of getting sick.
These include: Aged persons who are 65 years or more, young children 4 years or less, obese people, people with heart diseases or mental illnesses.
Now, the question is how do you stay healthy
during this hot weather.

Health tips for hot weather
There are so many things you should do if you want to survive the hot season healthy and happy. These tips will not just help you avoid the heat-related diseases, but also remain very comfortable despite the hot climate.

1. Stay hydrated at all times
In this period you should drink more water than the way you normally do, and also don't wait until you get thirsty to drink water .
Drink plenty of fluids apart from water. Dehydration is the common factor of heat-related diseases. Don't take alcohol it can induce dehydration.
So remember to stay hydrated always.

2. Avoid too much sun exposure
Reduce the amount of time you spend outside, especially during midday when the sun is hottest.
In cases where you need to be out, you should use a light umbrella.

3. Eat lighter meals
Eat foods that are not heavy, reduce the intake of carbohydrates. Eat more salads, fresh vegetables and fruit.

4. Wear light clothes
This is not the time for fancy suites and tie. Cloths that are light weight and loose fitting prevents you from excessively sweating and keep your body cool. Don't wear black or dark colored, as they absorb heat. Instead you should put on lightly colored clothing.

5. Take your bath more than once a day
Have a regular shower in a day to keep your body cool and sweet.
It doesn't matter how many times you do shower, just make sure it's not just once in a day.

6. Stay in a well ventilated place
You should always stay in places where there is adequate air. Especially
where your young children sleep . Don't rely on just your fan for air. Open the windows, make good use of hand fans.

7. Exercise
Exercising should be during the early hours if the day. Exercising regularly can help reduce sweating.

8. Avoid or reduce using oily creams and moisturizers.

They will only keep you hotter and increase sweating.

9. Don't leave your children locked up in a car.

What about the illnesses?
In case you get sick from the heat (which I earnestly hope doesn't happen). You should watch out for these symptoms.

• Yellow urine
• Nausea
• Headaches
• Extensive sweating
• Muscle Cramps
• Dizziness
• Reddish rashes, mostly on the neck or upper chest, or in the elbow and under the breasts.

What you should when you get these symptoms are:
1. Apply powder to keep the affected areas dry in cases of heat rashes.

2. In cases of muscle cramps, you should massage your limbs to ease the cramps and apply pressure with ice packs.

3. If it gets serious, see your doctor immediately. Also, when there is an emergency you should call the nearest emergency center.

Thank for reading. I'd love to read your comments.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Project Let Go Season 2: OAU Students Donate To The Less Privileged

Scores of Obafemi Awolowo University students came together on Saturday at the Pit Theartre of the institution to donate material things including cloths to the less privileged especially those that are in the orphanage home.

The event which is the second edition of 'Project Let Go Africa' took a stylish and improved direction as participants were taken through a seminar where Youths and Impact were discussed. Speakers at the event include Matthew Ojo (Dream Coach, Author, Musician), Igba Joshua (CEO, Neonatar Media), Abimbola Akinsanya (OAP, Convener of Bimbo and Friends), Adegbulugbe Folajimi (CEO, Jo Pizza Company and Chef), Olabode Emmanuel Olawumi (Creative Director, OYA Magazine) and Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator (Child Educator, School Media Speciatlist, Library Consultant and Author).

Olabode Emmanuel of OYA Magazine in his revelation during the event stated that the the Nigerian Education industry did not help him in setting up his dream. “What they teach us in school does not tally with what happens outside. My lecturers don’t come to class; they give me materials that i read on google. The only opportunity the school afforded me is a platform to meet people.” Emmanuel revealed.

Abimbola Akinsanya in her own submission said there is this blame shift here and there. “For us to fix the education system, we need to try our personal baby step” she said. Abimbola however highlighted two basic keys to development which are; Educate yourself with google and volunteer to do internship in the line of business you want to do.

Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator, a Child Educator, School Media Specialist, Library talked about purpose and how to go about fulfilling it despite all odds. Dumebi was present for the event with her husband.

At about midway into the event, Samwise lighted the mood of participants with the sonorous dispensation of songs and guitar performance. Veektor, a Poet also performed poetry to thrill the participants with the plea to the world to let go in spite of all non-encouraging turn of events. Showbaba was also around to spray the laughing gas to participants as he cracked jokes that got everyone laughing.

“In 2007, God told me in a dream to draw a structure without which i could not sleep. I eventually drew it. Moving from Chemical Engineering and getting to ODLT, i heard a voice telling me that this is the centre of industrialization and commercialization, that was how NEONATAR was birthed” Igba Joshua in the course of the programme revealed how he started Neonatar Media.

Adegbulugbe Folajimi, the CEO, Jo’s Indulge (a brand of Jo Pizza Company) started Jos because when he got to OAU, he had similar dishes been taken at all times, hence the challenge for him to do something different. Responding to a question about the start up capital, Folajimi said he saved up to buy the starting needs based on priority.

Another speaker at the event is the convener of Dream Seminar, Matthew Ojo . He is a Dream Coach, Author, Musician. In his own words, many identity proxies affect who we are and they are not what we are. He listed name, background, race, qualifications as those identity proxies.

True identity he defined as a reflection of the mind of the Creator on the created, expressed as innate potentials and abilities that make the created unique and distinguished for the accomplishment of its purpose. He emphasized the need of the participants to discover their identity. “We are all born fine but we must be refined in order to become defined. It is only when a man is defined that he discovers his true identity” Matthew said.

Donors were given free shirts courtesy of JaniCuts Fashion house, House of TNT, PRENDOZA and HOUSE OF ANNIE OTI. Free WiFi at venue was also available from FON. Also, Snacks and drinks at the venue were provided freely by chowrite cakes and Jo's indulge.

In his closing remarks, Ajani Oluseyi (JaniCuts), the leader of the organizers of ‘Project Let Go Africa’ Season 2 said the initiative started last year but without a seminar that has been added this year. According to him, the organizers frown at wastage even when some less privileged persons lack these basic materials been wasted.

Pictures from the event

Helen Paul, Segun Odegbami, Others To Grace NASELS Week

Many dignitaries have been invited to participate in the upcoming NASELS Week scheduled to hold between February 29th to March 5th, 2016.

Those lined-up for the week are Helen Paul (aka TATAFO); Akeem Lasisi (Writer, Poet and Journalist and double award winner of Cadbury/ANA Award); former Super Eagles player, Segun Odegbami; 2015 ANA poetry prize winner, Servio Gbadamosi; and popular OAU blogger, Lukman Fasasi among others.

While Helen Paul will be bagging award for her comical use of language; Lasisi and Servio will be the guest speakers at the NASELS OAU Literary Day; Odegbami is booked to feature during NASELS Marathon; Fasasi will be leading Nasels Clinic/body fitness.

The Coordinator for the Week, Miss Adenike Adeyemi, explained that outstanding programmes have been outlined for the week.
Adeyemi boasted that NASELS has made plans to make use of the Ogunbanjo Hall for the association's dinner because of the spacious nature of the hall. According to her, both Naselsites and non-naselsites are expected to pay N2,000 to participate in the Dinner.

"We have contacted the dignitaries and they will be present on different days. Our plan is to make the NASELS Week a memorable and outstanding one on OAU campus," Nike added.

The Week is expected to start on Monday with a Lecturer-Student Forum spiced with photo shoot sessions same day. A road show is billed for the evening of Monday by 5pm. Other events lined up for the following days are as follows;

👉🏻👉🏻DAY 2👈🏻👈🏻
back Tuesday
🏫Departmental Lobby....
👗Dress code: costumes👓,oldies🎩, school uniform👚, anything crazy👙
🏫Aud ll
🎷🎺🎻All Star Contest🎤🎧🎸📯 (De Grand Finale) 💃🏻👯👯‎

▶▶ DAY 3◀◀

🔸🔹DAY 4🔹🔸
🏫Humanities Car Park
👘Dress code : Traditional Attire
🎤🎶(Live band) 🎺🎻

⚽ DAY 5⚽
SPORTS DAY (Football⚽, Play Station🎮,Table Tennis🎾, Scrabble🎴, Chess🃏, Ludo🎲, Skipping🏂, etc🎳)
🏫English Lobby/Sports Complex
👳🏿Special Jumat 1:30pm👏🏻🙏🏽

☑ Day 6 💯
🏫Point Of Convergence: Anglomoz Car Park
Dress Code : Sports wear 👟👟
Single :2k💶