Friday, 26 February 2016

50..40..10: The Divine Proportion- Pope Jay

Yes! I missed you too!
It has indeed been a while since I have indeed enjoyed the pleasure of your readership and the reason for this is not farfetched: The demanding nature of our prestigious citadel of learning, especially that of the Faculty at the end of the road where everybody seeks a ride. However, I just had to sneak out of my literary exile to author this piece.

 I recall almost very vivdly that as a freshman, I had a number of friends in Angola Hall and hence, if I wasn’t in class, I was almost always at the hall of residence. One of the places where we paid nature’s price was at Mama Ayo’s  Restaurant aka Afrika. The Restaurant was popular for her scrumptious jollof rice and more for the affordability of the food she sold. I remember meeting the names of my friends and colleagues in the restaurants record book and knowing who and who to borrow money from. Being a true illegitimate son of Awo Hall, I almost always went to Mama Ayo’s for one thing: Bread and Beans! And towards the end of the semester when the Economic tides changed for the better, I had already developed a perfect formula for the purchase of this rather divine combination: Bread-50, Beans-40, Satchet Water-10.
 I do not want to bore you with the unnecesary details of my difficult times, I simply want to emphasise a very important phenomena which is often overlooked in our day to day activities: Proportion. Have you ever stopped to wonder why you would need just a pinch of salt for a lot of pinches of rice? Or How one #50 bread, #40 beans; bought to have money for water, and #10 satchet water; bought because of the difficulty in getting #5 change can make a young mans day?

Proportion is simply defined as the relationship between quantites and Nature itself is a combination of a lot of things and its perfection is simply in the proportion in which these substances exist.  Some Mystics even believe the perfect proportion to be the “Divine Proportion”; the proposition that the constant 1.618 is more recurent in nature than we actually know is quite interesting. The divine Proportion has been linked to Da Vinci and a number of other artists and scientists. However, I want to believe the perfect proportion for everyman is not fixed. For me it was simply 50..40..10 (at least before this increase in the price of bread and pure water). Find your divine proportion today and you might just discover perfection yourself!

Pope Jay
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