Friday, 5 February 2016

Angola Hall Resident Condemns Use Of Toilet Facilities

Two nights ago at about 10pm, an Angola hall occupant, a student and a class representative of the Department of International Relations came out with a public address system to express his discomfort about his fellow Angolans' immoral use of his block allocated toilet.

Speaking to his fellow Angolans he said "many come here to defecate with a drop of water to flush, leaving the toilet in an undesirable state, which has created disgusting smell and atmosphere for the neighbouring rooms which is undesirable and uncalled for. These toilets were only allocated for this block and many from different blocks come here to use it and leave it in a bad state."

When asked if there was any padlock used to lock each toilet, He said "what is the essence of having a padlock when people forcefully undid it every time?".

It has been a frequent bad practice among students in many of the halls of residence use the toilet and leave it without flushing. This bad habit is even observed when there is water supply to flush.
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