Monday, 29 February 2016

Do You Know; An Online Shopping With No Scammers

Online marketplaces can be considered a real revolution in the field of commerce. They aren’t a new thing already, for such websites have been around for a while already. During the latest years they have become probably the most popular shopping site. Marketplaces aggregate items and services from a variety of providers, which leads to a huge selection of stuff. The availability of things is higher, and prices are more competitive. This is how every e-commerce website works; this is what you need to know about the biggest Nigerian classifieds named

In addition to a considerable number of advantages, you can be sure there aren’t many scammers, who are also attracted to similar services searching for easy money. On Jiji, we always check every seller, who has to pass verification before starting to use the website. If it somehow happens that a wrong person does it, we are always ready to block this user if someone reports about his suspicious activity. By suspicious we mean, for example, asking for a payment in advance. Nevertheless, we check whether it is really so or it is just some jealous opponent trying to sell his similar products faster.

The list of scammers is available on the website. During previous year, we detected and blocked nearly 20,000 scammers before they can harm other users or our reputation. And speaking about positive numbers, we’ve got over 400,000 new users and over half a million adverts. The website is developing and growing. And you may be the next lucky person to benefit from it.

NOTE: This post is a sponsored article.
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