Monday, 29 February 2016

Fear Grips OAU As Sick Students Increase

Over the past few days, many students of Obafemi Awolowo University have been in a poor state of health. Some of the symptoms shared among these ailing students are headache, fever, general weakness of the body and vomiting. Our assessment of situation reveals that at least one person in every two rooms on the campus and also outside the campus is down with this rampaging sickness.

The OAU Health Centre which is the primary health care unit on the campus has also recorded an increase in its clientele in the last few days due to this sudden rise in sickness, some of the affected students have also traveled home for better treatment.

In the wake of the recent sporadic increase in the number of students admitted by the health centre of the university and the rumoured outbreak of disease on campus, OAU Peeps News Agency correspondents who visited the health centre to ascertain the veracity of the increase found out that many of the students there have similar ailment symptoms, this making majority to think it is an endemic.

Speaking to our correspondent, the doctor on duty attending to students said it is neither an outbreak nor endemic. According to the doctor, “the students are sick due to stress and the unfavourable weather we have been experiencing for some days now.

Students that have been attended to were seen with a common anti malaria drug called 'ATMAL PLUS 80/480'. There is however a decrease in the number of students who came for treatment at the health centre on Sunday.

Reports have also shown that some students have missed test due to illness and have been taken to private hospitals for proper treatment while some have travelled home. A low turnout of members in some campus fellowships today has also been linked by some students as a result of the current health state of many students on campus.
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