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OYA OAU 100: Meet The 15 Most Outstanding Students In Media

OYA Magazine on February 1, 2016 released a list of 100 students who shaped Obafemi Awolowo University in 2015 comprising of 15 most outstanding students in Media. Lukmon Fasasi profiles these campus media influencers as follows.

1. Toblan Spice
Arguably one of the rare journalists on OAU campus. Damilola Toblan is one of the students that shaped OAU in 2015. A political journalist and the Editor-in-chief of the OAU_olofofo news platform, is currently in his penultimate year in the faculty of Law. His seasoned reports and critical analysis of the Student Union’s governance brought him to lime light. He was part of the media personality, who interviewed the school PRO Abiodun Olanrewaju, during the first mid-semester break last semester.

2. DeRoj
Aderoju Odewale, is one of the foremost students on – air – personality of our generation. DeRoj, who work at both Great FM and Crown FM as a presenter has been recognized both home and nationally. He was nominated for OYA and Oscar Awards 2015. Fresh graduate, DeRoj is the proud owner of Royals Media.

3. Prince Adetula
A budding plant scientist, David Adetula, is a journalist and the founder of OAU Peeps News Agency. He is definitely a campus shaper whose reports cannot be rebutted. OAU Peeps was the first news agency to expose the incumbent Student Union General Secretary, Seun Okeetooto’s failure to meet up with the election requirements.

4. Timi Agbaje
The Seal Magazine Boss Timi Agbaje, is arguably a human behaviour psychologist. He brought in ‘The Seal’ into OAU free. At the commencement of operation, many said that the seal can’t stay -wondering where Timi is making is profit. Today ‘The Seal’ magazine is one of the best read magazine on OAU campus.

5. Lukmon Fasasi
Arguably this is one of the persons you do not want to mess with on OAU campus. Lukmon Fasasi’s Blog can make and mar you. Most controversial OAU blogger, Lukmon Fasasi, is currently in his penultimate year in the department of Management and Accounting. His direct source of information and raw ways of reporting has been recognized locally and nationally. He was almost mobbed by protesting NASU member in June. Lukmon Fasasi, is the proud organiser of Nigeria Internet Business Conference.

6. KvngBrainard
The name KvngBrainard, is constantly showing on people’s twitter timeline at a range of 3-10mins. Oni Oluwatobi, is definitely OAU students tweep, who controls over 12k followers on twitter. Though, many people don’t even know his real name, but the twitter handle always rings bell.

7. Yemi Olutoye
The brain behind, OYA award’s blog of the year winner is no doubt the best writer on OAU campus that tweet most. Yemi, an Economics student in his third year showed this, when he organized the first ever social media conference on OAU.

8. GominaDavidi
Adesina David, despite his challenges has taken up ‘more than leadership positions’. The class governor of Economics part 3 class is influential online (twitter) and offline. He has volunteered as a social media handler for different events on OAU campus including the just concluded Microsoft Hello Cloud presentation.

9. Sodiq Oyeleke
A Punch newspaper reporter, the president of English Department, Sodiq Oyeleke, burst media-sphere, when he exposed the N600k Student Union president planned trip to the US last semester and another media blast between the Student Union executives and the English language professor, Y. K Yusuf also got Sodiq, into word brawl with the union’s PRO Emmanuel Kant and President Omotayo Akande .

10. Olanrewaju Oyedeji
A Premium Times reporter and President of Insider Group. He is an investigative reporter whose works spans through Obafemi Awolowo University and beyond. Also currently the Chairman Guild of Editors ACJOAU and National Chairman Association of Nigerian Campus Editors, he exposed the un-audited accounts of Obafemi Awolowo University and also played a pivotal role in exposing scholarship scam of OAU SU. He spearheaded hosting of campus Editors summit attended by several universities in OAU in the year 2015.

11. Hero
Definitely OAU students whatsappers would recognize Kehinde Olaniyan, by his daily microblogging platform – Beyondwatch. Kehinde is the first creator of whatsapp blog on OAU campus. He gathers and disseminates daily headlines for students on OAU and beyond it. According to reports – Beyondwatch is been read in Unilorin, UI and 8 other Nigeria varsities.

12. Lukmon Akintola
Avocks, as some people call him – Lukmon Akintola, is a Pmnews journalist, whose jurisdiction lies on OAU campus and the editor-in-chief of the DSNA – an International Relations Students Association’s news agency. DSNA got boosted under Lukmon, by having it own blogsite and daily whatsapp headlines broadcast DSNA Alert . He has shaped OAU in his own way by giving out first news headlines broadcast as early as 5:30am daily.

13. Azeez Olalekan
The Gossip Nation boss Azeez Olalekan, has been consistent on this list as far back 2013. Azeez, is OAU’s No. 1 social media influencer. The founder of @OAU_gossipz twitter and facebook page, bursted twitter-sphere in December, when he launched the hashtag OAUstories. Till date OAUstories is trending both on twitter and facebook with over 1million retweets and shares.

14. Adebayo Benjamin
ProlificBen, as he his been referred to is the president of the Association of campus journalist OAU . Adebayo Benjamin’s proficiency in spoken English makes him standout always. He has shaped OAU, by resurrecting campus journalism to its former status in the 90s. Though, Ben has been harassed severally by union’s thugs, he his undeterred and currently working on taking ACJOAU to the university press council.

15. Tolulope Oloyede
Her lovely radio voice would make you stay glued to Great FM, whenever she’s been aired Thursdays, despite the boringness of the station . De_Mhaile, presents on Great FM. That aside, Tolulope Oloyede, is one of the best female freelancer on OAU campus. Her reports cum her all watermarked pictures of covered events have been published by virtually all blogsites on the campus. Tolulope, was the official reporter for the 2015 Unilever cooking competition.

Photo Credit: EU Media Futures Forum
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