Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Project Let Go Season 2: OAU Students Donate To The Less Privileged

Scores of Obafemi Awolowo University students came together on Saturday at the Pit Theartre of the institution to donate material things including cloths to the less privileged especially those that are in the orphanage home.

The event which is the second edition of 'Project Let Go Africa' took a stylish and improved direction as participants were taken through a seminar where Youths and Impact were discussed. Speakers at the event include Matthew Ojo (Dream Coach, Author, Musician), Igba Joshua (CEO, Neonatar Media), Abimbola Akinsanya (OAP, Convener of Bimbo and Friends), Adegbulugbe Folajimi (CEO, Jo Pizza Company and Chef), Olabode Emmanuel Olawumi (Creative Director, OYA Magazine) and Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator (Child Educator, School Media Speciatlist, Library Consultant and Author).

Olabode Emmanuel of OYA Magazine in his revelation during the event stated that the the Nigerian Education industry did not help him in setting up his dream. “What they teach us in school does not tally with what happens outside. My lecturers don’t come to class; they give me materials that i read on google. The only opportunity the school afforded me is a platform to meet people.” Emmanuel revealed.

Abimbola Akinsanya in her own submission said there is this blame shift here and there. “For us to fix the education system, we need to try our personal baby step” she said. Abimbola however highlighted two basic keys to development which are; Educate yourself with google and volunteer to do internship in the line of business you want to do.

Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator, a Child Educator, School Media Specialist, Library talked about purpose and how to go about fulfilling it despite all odds. Dumebi was present for the event with her husband.

At about midway into the event, Samwise lighted the mood of participants with the sonorous dispensation of songs and guitar performance. Veektor, a Poet also performed poetry to thrill the participants with the plea to the world to let go in spite of all non-encouraging turn of events. Showbaba was also around to spray the laughing gas to participants as he cracked jokes that got everyone laughing.

“In 2007, God told me in a dream to draw a structure without which i could not sleep. I eventually drew it. Moving from Chemical Engineering and getting to ODLT, i heard a voice telling me that this is the centre of industrialization and commercialization, that was how NEONATAR was birthed” Igba Joshua in the course of the programme revealed how he started Neonatar Media.

Adegbulugbe Folajimi, the CEO, Jo’s Indulge (a brand of Jo Pizza Company) started Jos because when he got to OAU, he had similar dishes been taken at all times, hence the challenge for him to do something different. Responding to a question about the start up capital, Folajimi said he saved up to buy the starting needs based on priority.

Another speaker at the event is the convener of Dream Seminar, Matthew Ojo . He is a Dream Coach, Author, Musician. In his own words, many identity proxies affect who we are and they are not what we are. He listed name, background, race, qualifications as those identity proxies.

True identity he defined as a reflection of the mind of the Creator on the created, expressed as innate potentials and abilities that make the created unique and distinguished for the accomplishment of its purpose. He emphasized the need of the participants to discover their identity. “We are all born fine but we must be refined in order to become defined. It is only when a man is defined that he discovers his true identity” Matthew said.

Donors were given free shirts courtesy of JaniCuts Fashion house, House of TNT, PRENDOZA and HOUSE OF ANNIE OTI. Free WiFi at venue was also available from FON. Also, Snacks and drinks at the venue were provided freely by chowrite cakes and Jo's indulge.

In his closing remarks, Ajani Oluseyi (JaniCuts), the leader of the organizers of ‘Project Let Go Africa’ Season 2 said the initiative started last year but without a seminar that has been added this year. According to him, the organizers frown at wastage even when some less privileged persons lack these basic materials been wasted.

Pictures from the event

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