Sunday, 14 February 2016

Will You Be My Val Bisi?

Dear Bisi,

Nothing about you struck me the first day i met you even though meeting you was the only thing i can still remember about our freshers' party. I still remember that day till date, your red shirt with a Mickey Mouse boldly drawn on it. The way you turned me down when i asked you to dance with me wasn't funny at all but sitting there and talking with you the rest of the night was worth more than dancing through the night. I was surprised at how smart you were (beauty and brains rarely existed in a place). As the days rolled by, i could not explain how everything happened, but all i knew was that as the day went by, something changed in the way i saw you.

Your smile became more beautiful than usual, i longed more for it. Time went on and i realised that there was a beautiful uneasiness i felt whenever you are around me, my palms became sweaty, my heart beat pretty fast but i always preferred you stayed around. I talked to my best friend and he said it was Love. The other night when we walked back to your hostel after lectures would ever remain green in my heart. When you held my hand, i felt the softness, tenderness and beauty all at once, i wanted you to hold me more. I wished we never got to the hostel.

Bisi, i want to see your smile as often as possible, i am never going to do anything that would make the smile go away, i long for that touch of your hand, i want to look into your face as often as possible and i want to be with you forever.

Bisi, will you do me the honour, to be my val not just today but everyday?

Compiled by Okpala Uzochukwu

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