Sunday, 13 March 2016

Angola Hall Warden And Excos Clash Over DSTV Subscription

The TV Sets in the common room of the Angola Hall have gone on vacation for the past few days as the monthly subscription for the DSTV remains unpaid.

According to a Release by the Hall Warden, Mr Femi Kuku, on the 7th March, 2016, he claimed that the University had paid N14,000 for the first year's subscription and according to an agreement with the 2013/2014 Ibiyemi-led administration, the Executives were now responsible for the bill. He admonished the Executives to pay the bills from the N200 collected from the inhabitants of the Hall upon resumption and even further alleged the Hall Executive Council was owing the Hall a sum of N12,000 for the replacement of the Decoder.

Responding to this via same mode, the Chairman of the Hall, Adebayo Oluwatobi a.k.a Ekiti claimed that the damaged decoder had been faulty since before the onset of his administration and even though efforts had been made to repair it. He said he had spoken with the hall warden to cut it off to avoid the payment for service they did not enjoy. He further stated that on the debt of the replaced decoder that reverse was the case as even though the hall had asked for a loan for the replacement, the management eventually disbursed the funds for the decoder in time and hence, there was and still exists no need for the Hall Executive Council to release any fund again.

Ekiti further alleged that the Hall Warden had not even paid the HEC the 40% of the Hall's IGR, which he put at N114,000 was supposed to be used for the Hall Week.

As at the time of filing this report, efforts are still in place to reach both parties to get more details on the issue. However till the issue is resolved, the stale freshmen of Angola will continue to stare at empty screens in their common room.

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