Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Blackout In Academics Area Turns Night Class To Market Square

The situation of the few powered lecture theatres on Obafemi Awolowo University campus especially the biological science lecture theatres can be perfectly likened to that of a market square, courtesy of the blackout ravaging other reading venues.

Despite in the heat of examinations, for some days now, night classes have not been the best for OAU students because only few venues have power supply to light them up.

A study of situation by OAU Peeps News Agency correspondent on Monday night showed that right from the Halls of Residence towards the academics area, most places were dead dark. The popular White House including its long standing neighbour, Yellow House had no light. The three faculties standing together also at the heart of academics; Faculty of Admin, Law and Social Sciences buildings too were in blackout. The Faculty of Education and Arts buildings were also not lighted.

Coming down to biological sciences building that houses the Department of Botany, Microbiology, Zoology and Biochemistry seems to be the only location with power supply, yet "reading at the BOOB & BOOC can be worrisome, infuriating and disturbing" an obviously frustrated night reader fumed.

Some students had turned these venues to a market square where noise takes over. Some of them obviously disturbing their colleagues were seen laughing heavily as if they have been exposed to N2O, the powerful laughing gas.

A student who however spoke to our correspondent expressed disappointment at the University authority over what she described as insensitivity to students' plight on their part especially during this examination period. "I know they (Management) will later come and tell us now that the power got spoilt from Osogbo, can't the Management always get an alternative source of power especially during examination periods?" She queried.

For some days now, there has been shuffling and rotation of power supply at the academics area and Halls of residence. Moremi Hall seems to be the greatest victim of epileptic power supply in the Halls so far as they battle with blackout almost every time.

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