Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Bloggers, Social Media Experts Condemn Shiite Extremism

A cross section of security experts and bloggers led by Jude Feranmi under the auspices of Nigerians Unite Against Terrorism at the launch of National awareness campaign against threat to Nigerias sovereignty (#NoToShiiteExtremism) held in Lagos yesterday.

A group, Nigerians Unite Against Terrorism has launched a hash tag #NoToShiiteExtremism to discourage extremism in the country. The National Coordinator of the group, Jude Feranmi, led other members of the group to launch the campaign. The organisation is birthed to ensure that as civilians, there is massive awareness against organised crimes against humanity, to ensure creation of a secured Nigeria that is not at the mercy of criminals and also to forestall every group of person that do not respect the sanctity of life.

Jude Feranmi said Nigerians must unite to defeat any form of extremism in the country, saying that experiences from the Boko Haram sect is a revelation of how extremism breeds violence.

He explained that the launch underscores the essence of Nigeria's unity and its supremacy over every form of terrorism stressing that as the war against Boko Haram insurgents is being won in the north east of the country, the consciousness Nigerians must be awaken to every form of extremism that might crop up again as opposed to 2009 when lack of vigilance allowed terrorism to gain roots in the North East of the country.

He said #NoToShiiteExtremism is a movement with a campaign to proactively act in manners that ensure extremism is no longer allowed to grow into full blown terrorism in our country.

"The campaign is driven by social media activists, bloggers and other well meaning Nigerians that are committed to a safe and united country. In addition to what we are doing today we have resolved to launch street rallies in other major cities against threats of terrorism to our country in the pursuit of our determination that Nigeria remains peaceful.

"We cannot afford to be insensitive to the emerging threats of extremism from the Islamic Movement of Nigeria which also goes by the name of Shiite Sect. We strongly believe that this should not be dismissed as an issue for the army alone to handle. The Federal Government needs to act NOW" The Group affirmed.

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  1. It is a quite intelligent move to call upon against the extremist through the social media by the help of the bloggers. As the have the high writing power and the power of the pen is no doubt worthless and game changing. The nation's are always regain because of the writing ability to change the mind.