Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Ekpa Stanley Emerges LSS OAU President

Ekpa Stanley has emerged the new president-elect of the Law Students’ Society of Obafemi Awolowo University defeating Akande Paul with a margin of 160 votes.

Kicking off with the manifesto night on Sunday 28th March, 2016 at Law 209 where all the candidates with the exception of the lone aspirant for the office of the Director of Socials, Ogana Micheal aka Lord Mapex (who was absent due unfortunately to ill health), made their manifestoes known to those in attendance.

The election proper earlier scheduled to begin 9am on Monday had a late start and eventually kicked off at about 9:30am. Voting went on at a steady pace till 5:30pm, when voting was ended and counting began. Although there were a few incidents of temper flares amongst people on opposing sides, things were quickly brought under control while the counting of the votes continued.

The votes for the Law Students Representative Council (LSRC) were counted first with Oyeniyi Oyewole aka Wole Zangani, Oyeniran Timothy aka Mentality and Awodiran Rejoice aka Aworej winning the LLB 1 seats in the LSRC with 170, 114 and 94 votes respectively.

In LLB 2, seats in the LSRC were won by Olawuni Oluwatobi aka D’Leveler (170 votes), Adeagbo Toheeb aka Toyib (167), Ajayi Joseph aka Sanmi (138 votes), Komolafe Olayinka aka Comrade Tempo (125 votes) and Adebayo Olamide aka Olamide P.A.S. (124 votes).

In LLB 3, the LSRC seats were won by Emuesiri Sarah aka Esiri who got 111 votes, Adepoju Idris aka Supreme, Uzoma Felix aka Felix And Afolabi Kayode aka Ultimate all got seats too with 107 votes each, Olaniyi Monisola aka Monisola and Ezejide Augustus aka Augustus also won seats with 106 and 102 votes respectively.

The LLB 4 LSRC aspirants automatically got seats due to the fact that there were 7 seats available and just 7 contestants.

For the executive positions, the candidates who contested unopposed automatically won the posts they contested for. Thus Adekilumo Itunuoluwa aka Itunu won the office of the treasurer, Ogana Michael aka Lord Mapex got the post of the Director of Socials, Ogunleye Oluwatosin aka La Bouche won the position of the Public Relations Officer (PRO), Olagunju Aanu aka Mz Harnu won the office of the General Secretary and Abe Adesola won the post of the Vice President.

The other executive positions that were contested are the Principal Liaison Officer (PLO) which was won by Adegbola Adedayo aka Dee-Why with 421 votes, the Sports Secretary post was won by Uwazie Uchechukwu with 630 votes, the Financial Secretary position was won by Folayemi Priscilla who had 541 votes, the Assistant General Secretary post which is arguably the second most contested position in this election was won by Jegede Moyinoluwa aka Moyen, who won with 501 votes, dominating his counterpart Omodaratan Kayode aka Kay Why by just 5 votes.

The office of the President which arguably is the most coveted office in the Law Students Society (LSS) was won by Ekpa Stanley Ekpa aka Stanley with 596 votes staying far ahead of his fellow aspirant Akande Paul aka Positive by 160 votes.

The counting and declaration of results was concluded at about 1am on Tuesday 1st march, 2016 with celebrations continuing till early in the morning.

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