Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Former OAU SU Welfare Officer Calls For Probe Of Student Union Leaders

A one time Welfare Officer of the Obafemi Awolowo University Student Union, Ajewole Martins Oluwole a.k.a Ojogbon has called for the probing currently suspended Student Union leaders over about 8 million naira union fund allegedly not accounted for. This he said is necessary before calling for the probing of the University officials.

In a 6-paged article written by the former Unionist titled "Before I Sign Out of the System", he related his opinions on several hanging issues ranging from that which surrounded the non frenzy relationship between the Ibikunle-led SU leadership and the TY-led SU leadership. He however called on OAU students to probe the suspended Union leaders and make them account for the allegedly misappropriated union money.

"Probing of the current administration in arm of affairs of Obafemi Awolowo University is very necessary and important because I'm not insensitive to the negative relationship between our general welfare and funds coming into this school in different forms but we need to probe ourselves before championing that course because all of you shouting probe Omole has no moral value and integrity to do that.

"What do you have to say to a situation when Great Ife students’ union leaders cannot account for over N8,000,000.00k (Eight millions naira only) (N3,500,000 received from management as subvention, N3,600,000 realized from Satguru Maharaji, Former Speaker, Oyo state house of Assembly and Oba Onifa Agbaye’s Awards, N200,000 received from Ooni of Ife, N100,000 received from Dr. (Mrs.) L.M. Durosinmi in the beginning of this session, N205,600 received from Dr. Fola Akinosun for his son’s rape case that TY administration covered up cum scholarship sponsorship, numerous money outsourced from corporate bodies in the name of scholarship, money transferred from Ibikunle led-administration etc.).

"If the same set of people that are absorbing (all in the name of suspension that the reality is still questionable) TY led-administration of this high degree of financial misappropriation and atrocities because they have gotten their own share in the form of scandalous scholarship and sponsorship are now shouting “Probe Omole administration”, IT IS CALLED HYPOCRISY. So, let us start the probing from within and be sure we are corruption free first. Therefore, before we can further our probe Omole-led administration campaign, let us pause and probe ourselves and TY’s led administration in particular; TY led administration should make available all the lists of beneficiaries of their N1,600,000.00k scandalous scholarship for all Great Ife Students to see, all incomes and expenditures report of their administration.

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