Saturday, 19 March 2016

LSS Orientation Committee Screening: Adetunji Oluwatobi Asked To Take A Bow & Go

The Part three (3) class representative of the students of the Faculty of Law, OAU, Adetunji Oluwatobi has gotten an exceptional embryonic approval of the student lawmakers of the faculty to be the secretary of the Orientation Committee for the 2015/2016 administration.

During the plenary session of the LSRC yesterday, one of the agenda of the sitting was the presentation of the chairman, vice chairman and secretary of the Orientation Committee by the Executive Council. The committee is expected to be in charge of the orientation programme that will welcome the freshmen for next session.

The president named Adekanye Adeola from the Part 4 class as the proposed Chairperson and Oyewole Omolola as the Vice Chairperson. The two nominees were thoroughly screened as the honourables took time to ask them questions as regards their preparedness to take up the responsibilities before them. The nominees had served in the same committee during the just concluded administration.

Upon the request of the Speaker that the President present the proposed secretary of the committee, Adetunji Oluwatobi was named and told to step forward. In an exceptional style, Honourable Awosusi Kehinde who was the first honourable to speak following the announcement of the name reeled out how the nominee has dedicated himself to serving the society selflessly over time. He argued that his nomination is one that cannot be contested as he has proven exceptionally excellent and thus qualified to take up the task of the Orientation Committee’s secretary. Awosusi however craved the indulgence of the house that the nominee be allowed to take a bow without further screening and go.

In a seemingly related manner, another lawmaker, Honourable Ezejide Augustus moved a motion that Oluwatobi should only take a bow and go which was seconded by Honourable Oyelade Muhammed. A counter motion was however raised by Honourable Uzoma Felix arguing that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, hence, Adetunji Oluwatobi be taken through the due process of screening. The counter motion was eventually seconded by the Clerk of the house, Honourable Adeagbo Toheeb. The motions were subjected to voting where majority supported that the nominee only take a bow and go.

The Speaker of the house however ruled after the voting that the proposed secretary of the committee takes a bow and go. As at the time of filing this report, the honourables were having a closed door session to assess the nominations and consider approving them.

In a related development, the nominee for the Audit Committee for the LLB 4, Aderibigbe Abass was successfully screened while the proposed nominees for other classes were rejected following a notification that the proposed nominees were not constitutionally selected from their respective classes. The nominees are expected to have passed through an electioneering exercise in their class where they would emerge as nominees before being presented at the floor of the house.

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