Sunday, 13 March 2016

OAU Dramatic Art Students Disrupt Event At Pit Theartre Again

In Obafemi Awolowo University, learning and culture is our general slogan but it is disappointing that recent happening regarding Dramatic Arts students is not looking that way as some of the students of this department threw caution to the wind.

I witnessed an event today and the conduct of these students has left  me thinking loud. In a venue where people have to pay to hold events, should they be subjected to embarrassment by students of the department? It was another disappointing display by these students at the 45th Anniversary of the Association of Campus Journalists as they showed lots of characters that depicted OAU in bad image, for an event that had scholars present. It was a big embarrassment as these students said "it is our department and we own the venue even after the venue has been paid for".

The students of this department led by one Femi  unapologetically disrupted the event today and kept on causing disturbance with their music and drums at the venue even when guests from all over the country were seated in the course of the programme. In spite of several appeal to these students for consideration and understanding, they did not stop their action but threatened to beat legal occupants of the venue leaving questions of 'where is the so much cherished culture and learning championed by the institution?' on my lips.

The deed has been done for today but my major concern is that even if these students are claiming they are practicing for examination, must it cause huge embarrassment to people who paid to use Pit Theatre? If the Department of Dramatic Arts feels her student will be in dire need of the venue (Pit Theatre) at a time like this, then it should be stated that it is not available but in a case like today that students of the department disrupted events and cause much havoc to extent of drawing Guests attention to such anomaly, then it is a slap on the department.

It is high time the Head of Department called these students to order as this is not the first, second or even third time this kind of thing will be happening at Pit Theartre. People cannot be constantly disgraced by students from this department and so much efforts put in place will almost be ruined due to their believe that they are students of the department and can trample on rights.

We implore the Head of Department to use his good office to address this deteriorating practice.

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