Thursday, 3 March 2016

RE: The Fabricated Story Of My Dismissal From OAU Peeps

Thursday, March 3, 2016


1. Dear friends, readers and entire Great Ife community, we find it necessary to keep you updated and informed about development on the ‘dust’ been raised by one Fatoyinbo Gafar, a one time member of OAU Peeps News Agency whose dismissal was formally announced on our website recently.

2. Let us start by appreciating Gafar for the little period he spent with us though he was not active for most of this time; according to him, this was due to his inability to frequently access the internet which we perfectly understood. To douse possible tension of a perceived media face-off, we have no issue whatsoever with Fatoyinbo Gafar before and after now and we see no reason why we will in any way soil his name as he has alleged.

3. For Gafar to have taken to the social media to say that he resigned and not dismissed, we suspect semantics issue. The fact remains that Fatoyinbo Gafar and some other old members were relieved of their membership of the agency DUE TO their long inactiveness which the agency could no longer condone.

4. It has been our usual practice to make public those who resign/who are dismissed/who are relieved because we wish to protect our corporate integrity and keep the university community safe from so many persons who parade themselves as journalists and are not/no longer recognized within the media circles they claim to be affiliated to.

5. We need not to be on the defence for the Association of Campus Journalists (ACJ) who he has regrettably dragged into what should have been an internal issue because such has been with so many people of his kind and their allegations most of the time obviously turn out to be baseless and unfounded. About his wrong assertion that OAU Peeps News Agency is insensitive to matters that affect the studentry, it will be cheer waste of time to start enumerating several instances where we have championed reasonable students' causes even at the expense of our ‘gold’.

6. This rejoinder came as a result of pressure from our friends that we should come out to clear the air because of our hard earned reputation which has been collectively built by our committed and reputable members over the years. We however state once again that Fatoyinbo Gafar remains a friend to the Editor-in-chief, at least from the viewing angle of the EIC himself.

7. I will advise Mr Fatoyinbo Gafar and his associates who have taken advantage of this matter without weight to cast aspersion on the entire pen pushers to carry out their homework very well before bursting to the social media next time.

8. Thank you and God bless OAU community.

Best Regards,
Prince David Adetula
Manager/Editor-in-chief, OAU Peeps News Agency
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