Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Gully Erosion: Ibore Community Begs For Urgent Intervention

By: Adetula David

The dwellers of the Ibore community in Esan Central Local Government, Edo State have raised their voices begging the Nigerian governments at all levels and the international community to come to their rescue over the continued dilapidations of the town owning to gully erosion hitting it.

In an exclusive visit by the OAU Peeps News Agency alongside students from the Department of Botany, Obafemi Awolowo University who embarked on a field trip to the gully erosion sites, the deep gully sites were seen and the inhabitants of the community expressed the daily fear of extinction they live with.

The state of Ibore community which has over 10,000 residents is a pitiful and painful one as most parts of town now sit on a time-bomb of been cut out from the rest of the state. The rate at which the soil is been washed away and the continuing deepening of the gully erosion sites present there is quite alarming and deadly. Some parts of the community rely on a wooden dangling bridge to cross over deep gullies to the other sides of the town.

According to a resident of the community who spoke with our correspondents, Iyile Nigeria, he said all the pleas and cries of the residents over time for intervention in the town have fallen to the deaf ears of the governments and that has left the situation to worsen. He went further to say the gully sites were not as deep as they are now some years back but because nothing was done about them, they are getting worse day after day. As a result of the state of the community, many persons have been displaced and rendered homeless and some have even been carried away by erosion in the gully during rainy season, a resident told OAU Peeps News Agency.

The dwellers of this community having been failed by their governments several times despite their outcry continue to plead for urgent and practical intervention from all over the world.

See pictures of some portions of the community below:

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