Sunday, 10 April 2016

OAU Students Show Displeasure Over SLAN Release, Call Them Anti-Students

On Friday 11th of April a news release by a group called Student Leaders Alliance of Nigeria (SLAN) went viral on national dailies and websites. The group which is said to consist of former student leaders of the institution showered praise on the vice chancellor, Prof. Bamitale Omole, who they claimed is the best VC the school has gotten and should be celebrated.

The group through their release passed a vote of confidence on the VC. However, students of the citadel of learning have been divided over the release. Some students have come out to criticize the VC. Some of the students has described the VC's tenure as an unforgettable one full of ups and down.

A popular critic and student activist Emman O Emman described the VCs tenure as a disaster and he should bury his head in shame. He further noted that it is a sheer stupidity to congratulate the VC for what he has done during his administration.

Some students also termed the group which claim to parade themselves as pro-students "Paid Agents" who does not have the interest of the masses at heart. Many students who saw this release online reminded them of the fee hike, poor welfare conditions and series of mid semester breaks. A student on one of the popular WhatsApp groups of OAU pointed out that other union body on campus like NASU and SSANU had embarked on strike at different times due to the inability of the management to meet their demands.

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