Thursday, 21 April 2016

Public Threats: The Wizkid-Ikeji Saga - Segabio

Some days ago, a social media clash came up between a Nigerian blogger: Linda Ikeji and a popular hip-hop artiste: Ayo Ibrahim Balogun popularly known as Wizkid.

Wizkid reacted to a news published online by the blogger about him being served a quit notice at his Lekki home via his social media page (Instagram) and this generated a lot of controversy.

Recently, Linda Ikeji stretched matters as she reported Wizkid to the police and brought to the public the reasons why she did so. According to Linda, she took Wizkid to the police not because she was afraid of him but because she doesn't take threats lightly. She expressed her mind about violence against women being a bad thing and also advised women to report case of threats from any man as the police force doesn't take such lightly.

My Opinion:
Wizkid is a musician that has so many fans, home and abroad, of which I am one.  I appreciate his songs, the likes of Ojulegba, Expensive Shit and also, his good voice. Nonetheless, the truth needs to be told.

I would say at this point that we should be very careful, our character and what we say publicly matters too.  As celebrities, many fans look up to these ones and will definitely want to practice what they do or say.  Remember the time of Olamide's "Back to Back" which went viral online. It is not until you become a Pastor or Imam before you act right.  I believe they are made celebrities by God for them to live an exemplary life for their followers, the so-called fans to learn.

I believe Linda Ikeji is doing her job as an online journalist (blogger) by informing the public on happenings (either good or bad news).  After all, a lot of Wizkid’s achievements and feats have been published by this same Linda Ikeji on her blog in the past.

Wizkid's public threat to the blogger is quite bad. What would become of him if some days after the threat, Linda was beaten up by an entirely different party or if anything bad happens to Linda? Wizkid would definitely be the prime suspect. There are lots of lessons to learn from this issue, more reason why I came online to express my opinion. Issuing threats, especially public threats, is very bad as it can be very implicating.

Furthermore, women are to be respected and not because you are in any higher position place infringement on their rights.

I believe there should be gender equality irrespective of differences.


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