Friday, 8 April 2016

This Petrol Wahala - Jodekss

It is simply antithetical, what Nigeria today petroleum-wise is scything through isn't it? She's famously known as one of those tip-tops in petroleum products producer in the world and yet it's like these resources were never there to allay her citizen’s conundrums and or bloom up the good livings of the masses at large. You'd agree with me today that the scarcity is heightened and tightening the necks of the old and the young now, for it's mainly on these resources we solely lean on to survive economically. It is known to the known and even the unknown minds that without which, this country is paralyzed and the paradox is the paralysis is happening, can't you feel it?

All those organizations to regulate the production and the efficient supply of these resources and to make them viably available in the nooks and crannies of the four corners of this country are dwindling up and down in way far too confusing for ordinary citizens to understand, you know? So what! Organizations like PPPRA - Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency and important personalities that know the way in and the sure way out of this mess as I have read in papers, keep giving (false) hopes that all would be fine and the price would likely fall the more but it's just the other way round still. Some stations today sell twixt #200-250 per litter and a lot have died trying to buy it that way. I am not saying it's too late to have hope but its high-time they worked faster and make us see good results. Days ago as per how it was (reportedly) put in one of the most read dailies that in two weeks all would be fine. This they, allegedly have been telling us but no change still; let's see real change. The citizens have seen and witnessed enough of these pains God help us and have much mercy!

The power of a thing is usually its weakness I believe; Nigeria is not yet weak I would want to be positive now and believe too but the processes to lead to that had begun. It could be stopped. All those dead refineries in Kano, Port-harcourt etc, should be repaired quickly and put to on to work. Adequate distribution should follow and price should fall down the more and put Dollar to shame hopefully. Enough of deaths because of fuel scarcity, enough queuing all night long and still going home with empty kegs. If it's not enough now, tomorrow might be too late.
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