Monday, 9 May 2016

Case Study: Students' Work Experience Program In OAU - MD

Students’ Work Experience Program (SWEP) – Obafemi Awolowo University As a Case Study

As part of the academic curriculum used by students of the Faculties of Technology and Environmental Design and Management, a compulsory 3-units course titled “SWEP 200” is to be offered.  This is usually done during the institution’s long vacation at the end of the session.  The course is offered at the end of the students’ second year.

It comprises two phases unofficially called;“the Amphi series” and “the departmental work”.  The former lasts for a week and it involves the students converging at the 5000 seater Amphi theatre (the biggest theatre on campus) where they are engaged in series of tutorials and general lectures.  This phase usually ends with an examination on what have been taught over the course of the week.  The second phase begins when students proceed to their respective departments for a more specific training according to their various areas of specialization.

Citing Chemical Engineering department as a case study here, after the first phase, the students are engaged in several practical and experimental works which provide experiences to complement for what they have been taught during lectures.  At the end of this, students are able to carry out some basic production processes, for example, students are able to produce any type of soap and prepare standard solutions. This will be concluded with a well written report and an examination.

If you ask me I would say the classroom lectures are not enough to make professionals, hence these kind of special courses and programs.  With programs like this being organized, it will go a long way in improving the practical aspect of learning in the affected faculties and the affected students will be well furnished with the practical experience needed for future academic works.


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